Wednesday, April 11, 2012

For Jodi

Oh, blogging world! How I have neglected you!

Here are a few sweet pics of my little girl just for you, Jodi!
Can't wait to see you in a couple of months!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Embrace the Camera - One Year Pictures

So, my personal computer is in need of a new hard drive! This means it is totally not working, and I am working on a borrowed computers. Therefore, I do not have not uploaded any pictures to use for Embrace the Camera this week. Luckily, we had Scout's One Year Pictures made this past Sunday, and out precious photographer, Jessica, put up a sneek peek for us. Anyway, for this week's Embrace the Camera, I am just posting a link to Scout's One Year Pictures. Check them out if you like!

Scout's One Year Old Pictures

Happy Thursday and Don't forget to Embrace the Camera!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Scout's Flower Birthday Brunch

This past Friday, this sweet baby girl turned one!!!!! We had her party on Saturday. I am going to share a few of my favorite pictures from my big girl's birthday brunch! The theme for the party was flowers in the colors of pink, purple, orange, yellow and green. We had her party in the gym at our church, and we put out riding toys at one end of the gym and basketballs at the other. Needless to say, there was no lack of entertainment!

This was the welcome table and view of other tables. I ordered the book It's Your Birthday from Amazon for everyone to sign for Scout. We also had the party favors on this table as well. We used little flower pots filled with treats for the favors to go along with our flower theme party.

A Close-up of the Party Favors
A few of the guests signing Scout's book

The Present Table (With and Without Presents)

Since the party was at 10:30, we did brunch foods. Our main course was pancakes with all the toppings. Here is a picture of the boys cooking the pancakes.

The Food Table (minus the Food)
A Close-Up of the Banner (It said Happy Birthday Scout)
Makayla feeding pancakes to Scout and her Best Buddies

This is what each table looked like with the decorations. Each one had two pictures of Scout on her monthly birthdays from throughout the year, a flower or oval doily for each place setting, a lantern, a gumball machine or planter and balloons. I stole the idea for the gumball machine from Sarah over at Life Sweet Life. She has a little boy who is only a few days older that Scout!

Here we are giving Scout her cake. She wasn't really interested at first, but then decided to dig in a little. You can't really tell from the picture but it was polka dots with a big one in the center. Also, take a look at her outfit. Did you notice the 1 on her shirt with pants to match? This was specially made for her by her Mama!

Scout had two sweet helpers to help open presents. It is a good thing they were willing to help because Scout was sort of getting tired by this time and decided she wanted to sit in her new car.

I still can't believe our baby girl is ONE! It has been such a fun and exciting year, and we can't wait to see what God has in store for us during Year 2!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Celebrating One Year

Today, Baby Scout, you are ONE YEAR OLD.

Sleeping Patterns: Baby Scout, you are doing so great sleeping at night. You usually go to sleep between 7:30 - 8:30 and get up between 5:45 - 6:45. You don't usually wake up during the night. We still do a bedtime routine of dinner, cereal, bath, pajamas, books, eat and then bed. I nurse you with the light on, but sometimes you still like to fall asleep while you eat. If you don't fall asleep, when you are done eating, I lay you in you crib and turn off the light and you will go to sleep on your own! Naps are going pretty well too. You still sleep on a mat on the floor for all naps except when you nap in the car which you love to do. For one week, you decided to try taking long naps (like an hour and a half to two hours). I thought you were turning into a napper. But, I was wrong, you are now back to napping about 45 minutes once a day. Sometimes, you will take two naps. But usually by the time bed time rolls around, you are exhausted.

What You Like To Do: Baby Scout, you are always on the move now but only crawling. One of your most favorite things to do is swing. You love it. You also love to walk but only if someone is holding both of your hands. You usually won't go if we let even one hand go. You love to follow Chipper around and want to be where he is in the house. You even are learning a few tricks from him (like going around the baby gate though the piano legs to escape). You love going to your new school with mommy and playing with your school friends. They are a little older than you, but you don't you don't seem to mind. I love to hear them say your name and so do you! You are so good at school even though you are still adjusting to our school schedule. You love to play at home now even more. It is so fun to see you pick out what toy you want to play with next. You are still very musical and love the instruments. Tapping is your most favorite thing to do with all your toys. You don't really have a favorite toy, but love to play with things you are not supposed to play with like the remote, my phone, cords, vents, etc. During the week, you love to visit Daddy at school. All the little girls are always so excited to see you.

New Things You Have Done this Month: Baby Scout, you really haven't done too much new stuff this month. You are just continuing to do the things you already do much better and faster. One new thing you have done this month is switch to whole milk. I began weaning you on Mother's Day, and you now take milk in a cup for two feedings a day, which means I still nurse you in the morning and at night. Everyone keeps asking me if you are walking, and I have to say, "No, not yet!". You are too scared to let go. You will walk all day if someone is holding you hands but will not move a muscle if we let even one finger go! Maybe that will change before next month. You have added a few new words to your vocabulary this month. You say shoe, mama, chipper, dada, good, kitty, chip and a few other words. I think you are now starting to put meaning with a few words besides mama and dada too. You also know the signs for more, eat, and milk.

Eating Patterns: Baby Scout, you are a great eater. You eat all table food. In the morning as soon as you wake up we nurse and then you have table food such as a nutri-grain bar, fruit, or yogurt. At lunch, you eat all table food and totally feed yourself. At dinner, you have whatever mommy and daddy are eating. In addition, you nurse one other time a day for fifteen to twenty minutes and drink regular milk from a cup throughout the day. Your favorite foods at the time are peanut butter sandwich, sweet potatoes, cheese sandwich, tomato puffs, graham crackers, nutra-grain bars, muffins, pancakes, and mixed fruit with cherries.

Dislikes: Baby Scout, you dislike having your nose and face wiped still. Also, you are not a big fan of veggies right now. You will eat them if they are mixed in with something, but not very often by themselves (you feed them to Chipper). You dislike having your hair washed. Mommy and Daddy dread this at night. You like the bath, just not the hair.

Diaper Size: Scout, you wear a Size 3 diaper.

Clothes Size: Scout, you wear size 9 - 12 months, 6 - 12 month clothes, and 12 month clothes. It depends on the outfit as to what you can fit in still. Your pajamas are all 12 months.

Eye/Hair Color: Scout, your eyes are a beautiful brown. Your hair is dark red and is getting longer each day.

We can't believe it!
You are amazing!
We love you!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Embrace the Camera

For this week's Embrace the Camera, I chose a few totally random pics from the last few weeks. First up is a picture of my sweet girl totally cheesing it up for her cousin Makayla. Makayla can always make her do the biggest smiles. Too bad I didn't get Makayla in the picture as well. She must of been doing some crazy stuff to get Scout to smile so big!
Next up is a picture of Scout visiting Daddy at work. We generally go visit at least once or twice a week. Scout enjoyed getting Daddy's nose this particular day. I don't know if Daddy enjoyed it though!

Last is a picture of our family taken on Easter. Unfortunately, the self-timer on my camera didn't do such a great job of getting Scout to smile. But, oh well, it is still a pretty decent shot.
Now, hop on over to The Anderson Crew and check out all the other entries. Happy Thursday, and don't forget to Embrace the Camera.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Embrace the Camera - Easter Egg Hunting

Today for Embrace the Camera, I chose some fun pictures of Scout at her first Easter Egg Hunts. These were all taken at the MOPS (in the gym) and church (at park) Easter Egg Hunts . Don't forget to head over to The Anderson Crew and check out other entries.

Happy Thursday and don't forget to embrace the camera!