Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Our Tuesday

This morning we attended our Kindermusik class with Ms. Jane. It wore Scout out! She had to have a little nap after class.

After Scout finished napping, I fed her, and we went to lunch with our friends Adelyn, Nathan and Tara. We ate at the coffee shop on the square. While we were there, we saw our friend Ms. Suzie from church. She was playing Bridge with some of her friends. I wonder if Shannon, Lisa and I will be playing Bridge with each other in a few years? Ms. Suzie did take a little break and spent some time holding Adelyn. Maybe next time she will get to hold Scout, too!

Ms. Suzie, Adelyn, Scout, Me
Lisa had to take Tara to the doctor after lunch, so Nathan came to our house to play and Shannon came over too! Lisa came with Tara when she was done at the doctor. She brought us yummy smoothies from Mcdonald's. If you haven't had one, you should try it! The babies had a fun time with playing with Sara (Adelyn's older sister).


Sara and Tara

Adelyn and Scout
To finish off our playdate, we took the little ones for a walk. We have been walking three or four times a week, and it makes exercise more fun. Scout enjoyed most of our walk. We did stop a little early, because Scout's two hours were up, and she was ready to eat! We can almost tell time by Scout and her two hour time limit on eating.

Last night after everybody went to bed, I put together Scout's exersaucer that her Great Aunt Susan bought for her. So tonight we tried it out. She seemed to like it alot. I need to get some more AAA batteries for all the toys, and I think she will spend a good amount of time in it.

Scout was quietly rocking in Daddy's arms by 8:45. I think she was exhausted from our exciting day. Tomorrow, we are headed to the library. Should be fun!

Happy Wednesday!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Get Her

Scout loves it when you "Get Her"! She just laughs up a storm. Here is a short video of her laughing at me.

Isn't that the funniest thing?

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sick Baby

For the last few days, Scout has not quite been herself. She has been a little more fussy than normal and has been waking up at night, which is a little unusual too! I took her to our church Circle meeting Thursday, and she was really fussy and acted like she couldn't get comfortable. When we got home, she got sick (hurled) and had a pretty upset tummy. Yesterday morning (Friday), she woke up a little upset and sounded a bit congested. Throughout the day, she fussed quite a bit. By Four O'Clock when Daniel got home, she had a full blown runny nose, cough, and sneezing. So, I guess I can say that Scout is having her first official sickness.

We did find a little time yesterday to play. Scout enjoys laying on her back and looking at herself in the little mirror on top of her playmat.

She also like working her puzzle with the animals who have different textures on their bodies.

Here she is in her bouncy seat. She is trying to eat her baby doll.

She also likes to sit in her Bumbo and look at herself in the mirror. She does pretty good sitting for a short time.

Luckily, she did sleep pretty good last night (from ten to five), so I think she feels better. Today, we are going to spend our time rocking, cuddling and wiping a runny nose.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Football Game

This past Friday, Daniel and I took Baby Scout to her very first Franklin County football game. She visited with many friends, and we were able to stay through the third quarter. Here is Scout getting changed in the car in the parking lot. We were afraid to put her FC onesie (Thank You, Ms. Lisa!) on her to early because she has been known to spit up!

Daddy and Scout all ready to head in . . . . . Don't you think this onesie is sooooo cute? Go Rebs!

Here is our team out on the field. We think Scout is good luck for the Rebels because they are 1-0 with her in attendance. We also have a new coach; Maybe this has something to do with our big win!

Scout hanging out with Daddy at the game. She watched very intently for a good while.

We hope this game was good practice for our first college football game next weekend!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Celebrating Three Months

Today, Baby Scout, you are three months old.

Sleeping Patterns: Baby Scout, your sleeping patterns are starting to develop for day and night sleep. You usually like to sleep about an hour and a half sometime during the morning. You might do this in your car seat if we are out and about or walking. If we are home, I might get you to lay you in your "Rock and Play" or you might just sleep in my arms. You will fight sleep during the day. At night, you sleep from about nine until seven. Last night, you sleep from 9 p.m. - 7 a.m., but you got up around 2. Sometimes, you wake up because you unswaddle yourself or have a little gas! You are still sleeping in the bedroom with us in your "Rock and Play". You don't like to lay in your crib or pack and play to sleep. Daddy likes to rock you to sleep at night, and he is so good at getting you to bed. Sometimes, you fall asleep when you are eating for the last time of the day.

What You Like To Do:
Baby Scout, you love to be read to. During the day, I can read you four or five books in a row. You also like the instruments in your room. Your favorite is the triangle. You spend so much time on your play mat. You like to look at yourself in the mirror. You love to be held over mommy or daddy's head like an airplane. You smile and laugh when we do this with you. You like to have your diaper changed. This is a time when we see many smiles. You like to lay in your "Rock and Play" and watch T.V. "Wonder Pets" seems to be a favorite. I can put you in the "Rock and Play" while I take a shower, and you are usually happy the entire time.

New Things You Have Done this Month: Baby Scout, you have done so many new things this month. You talk and coo so much. You have the most precious smile (it looks a lot like Uncle Avery's smile from when he was a baby) and you smile all the time. You respond to someone talking to you and are very interactive. You had your first shots this month and your first X-Ray. You went to your first baseball and football games and also went to "Big Church" for the first time. You started Kindermusik with Mrs. Jane and love it. I think you are going to be very musical. This month, you made your first trip to Wal-Mart, mommy's school and daddy's school. You have been many new places (including a new state) because you are doing better in the car.

Eating Patterns: Baby Scout, you eat 7 to 8 times a day. You nurse every two hours for about fifteen minutes. Mommy loves this time with you, but it wears her out! You also spit up quite often but seem to be doing better. We went to see the doctor about this two times. He says you will outgrow it when you start eating solid food.

Dislikes: Baby Scout, I can't think of a single thing you dislike.

Diaper Size: Scout, you wear a Size 2 diaper.

Clothes Size: Scout, you wear size 0 - 3 months clothes, your pajamas are size 3 - 6 months, and your onesies are 3 - 6 months.

Eye/Hair Color: Scout, right now, your eyes are a green color, but I think they are going to turn brown. Your hair is brown with a little red tint to it. I think you might end up a red head. You also have little curls starting to form.

You are three months old!
You are such a sweet girl!
We love you!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Week in Pictures


Sleeping in Sunday School

Tummy Time


Enjoying My Swing


Hanging Out with my Friend Riley at Kindermusik

Chipper and I Loving on Daddy

Ready to Go to the Trojan's Football Game

Meeting Nick for the First Time


Walking in the Park with Adelyn, Nathan, and Tara

Hanging Out with Mrs. Beasley at Daddy's Work

Giving Daddy Some Lovin' at Work


More Tummy Time

Reading with Daddy

This week has been an exciting week for the Wiggs's family. Happy Friday!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Best Friend

For the first 84 days of Scout's life, we kept a sheet of everything she did. We would write down everytime she slept, ate, pooped, peed, played on her tummy, went for a walk, etc. I would also jot down anything else important for the day as well (such as her weight if we went to the doctor). We kept all her sheets on a clipboard. Here is a little sample of her sheets, and the clipboard where we kept them. Daniel liked to joke that we would need a filing cabinet to file all her sheets. So funny!

Well, the day before yesterday, I decided that we could probably stop doing this as we had become a little lazy about keeping up with everything. And now, I have a new best friend - The Itzbeen Timer. I do still keep up with how long she eats, time between diaper changes, how long she sleeps and time between feedings (because otherwise Scout would eat every hour). If you are a new mommy, you need one of this little guys. It is so handy!

In other news, on Tuesday, we started Kindermusik with Mrs. Jane. We had such a fun time singing and dancing with Adelyn, Alex, and Brayden (The other babies in our class). We are looking forward to next week.

Don't you love that little outfit with an "S" on the front? I do!

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Blogging Blues

For some reason, I haven't really felt like blogging for the last week or so! I don't know why! I have just kind of been busy doing other things but easily could have made time to write about the things we have been doing. So, to catch everybody up, here is a post that covers the past few days from Scout's point-of-view starting with yesterday and working backwards.

Monday, August 9
Today, Nana, mommy, and I rode to a state I have never been to before called Alabama. We went there to go to a little shop that has some really cute clothes in my size. I got two new outfits, one new toy, and a taggie blanket. We ate lunch at a little sandwich shop on the square. It was a really cute place. It was a long drive, but I did really good. I think I might want to go back another day. When I got home, there was a surprise for me in the mailbox. I got my very first book from Dolly Partin. Thanks Dolly! Daddy and I enjoyed reading my new book.

Sunday, August 8
This morning, my family got up and went to Sunday School. I like to go there because I get to see my friends Adelyn and Brayden. We have a fun time making noises while the adults try to have class. I also got to go to a swim party for another Brayden. It was his 2nd birthday. Mommy doesn't let me get in the pool yet, but I enjoyed everyone holding and talking to me.

Saturday, August 7
Today, mommy and I stayed at home while Daddy played in a benefit softball tournament. We spent the day laying on our tummy, reading, and playing with my baby.

Friday, August 6
On Friday, mommy and I ventured over to daddy's school to meet his school friends. Daddy had to go to something called in-service, so we could come and visit for a few minutes. We met many of the people who work with daddy, and they were all so happy to meet me. I enjoyed hearing them talk to me and letting them hold me too! After visiting daddy, we went to eat with the people mommy used to work with. We ate at a Mexican restaurant, but mommy had chicken fingers so I would not get an upset tummy.

Thursday, August 5
Today, mommy and I stayed at home. I was little fussy, because I was tired. I finally gave it up about 4:00 on my playmat. I won't sleep in my crib,but I can sleep on the hard floor. I am such a funny girl!

Wednesday, August 4
Today was daddy's first day back to work, and mommy's first day home with me. I think daddy was sad to leave me. During the day, mommy and I played, sang, and read. I was so glad to see daddy when he got home. I think he was glad to see me too!

Tuesday, August 3
Do you know where I am? I am at my daddy's work. Today, we went there to help get his classroom ready for the new school year. Daddy has these funny things called desks in his classroom. He is a teacher of something called math. Mommy tells me that he teaches his students about numbers. While I was there, I met a few people who work with daddy including the school principal, Mrs. Stewart.

I hope you enjoyed reading about what I did over the past few days. Maybe mommy will do a better job updating our blog. Ha!