Monday, August 2, 2010

New Faces

Today, my mom and I took Scout to our downtown square to pick out framing for a couple of pictures. We also stopped at our local coffee shop to have a nice lunch before heading to Hammers to look around. While we were out on the square, we ran into several friends who have not gotten to meet Scout until today!

This is Elizabeth. She is the daughter of Bob and Kathy. You might remember that Scout, Daniel and I had dinner with Bob, Kathy, Thomas and Katie, but Elizabeth was somewhere else that night. I was glad we ran into her and Katie today so she could hold Scout for a minute. Today is also Elizabeth's 15th birthday, and she was headed this afternoon to take the permit test. Scout and I hope the driver's test went well!

This is Scout and Mrs. Cathy. Mrs. Cathy is the secretary at the school where I teach. I think she enjoyed holding Scout for a minute. Scout and I will have to visit her at school this year.

This is Mrs. Caroline. Mrs. Caroline used to teach with me. Daniel coached her son in basketball last year and taught her son and daughter math when they were in sixth grade.

Scout loves the C.D. we play for her into the car. Her favorite is Knick Knack Paddy Whack. Here she is laughing at this silly song on the way home. Isn't that the cutest smile?

We had a little tummy time this afternoon after we got home. I got this mirror out so Scout could see herself. I love the look she is giving that baby in the mirror.

I hope you had a fantastic Monday.

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