Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Blogging Blues

For some reason, I haven't really felt like blogging for the last week or so! I don't know why! I have just kind of been busy doing other things but easily could have made time to write about the things we have been doing. So, to catch everybody up, here is a post that covers the past few days from Scout's point-of-view starting with yesterday and working backwards.

Monday, August 9
Today, Nana, mommy, and I rode to a state I have never been to before called Alabama. We went there to go to a little shop that has some really cute clothes in my size. I got two new outfits, one new toy, and a taggie blanket. We ate lunch at a little sandwich shop on the square. It was a really cute place. It was a long drive, but I did really good. I think I might want to go back another day. When I got home, there was a surprise for me in the mailbox. I got my very first book from Dolly Partin. Thanks Dolly! Daddy and I enjoyed reading my new book.

Sunday, August 8
This morning, my family got up and went to Sunday School. I like to go there because I get to see my friends Adelyn and Brayden. We have a fun time making noises while the adults try to have class. I also got to go to a swim party for another Brayden. It was his 2nd birthday. Mommy doesn't let me get in the pool yet, but I enjoyed everyone holding and talking to me.

Saturday, August 7
Today, mommy and I stayed at home while Daddy played in a benefit softball tournament. We spent the day laying on our tummy, reading, and playing with my baby.

Friday, August 6
On Friday, mommy and I ventured over to daddy's school to meet his school friends. Daddy had to go to something called in-service, so we could come and visit for a few minutes. We met many of the people who work with daddy, and they were all so happy to meet me. I enjoyed hearing them talk to me and letting them hold me too! After visiting daddy, we went to eat with the people mommy used to work with. We ate at a Mexican restaurant, but mommy had chicken fingers so I would not get an upset tummy.

Thursday, August 5
Today, mommy and I stayed at home. I was little fussy, because I was tired. I finally gave it up about 4:00 on my playmat. I won't sleep in my crib,but I can sleep on the hard floor. I am such a funny girl!

Wednesday, August 4
Today was daddy's first day back to work, and mommy's first day home with me. I think daddy was sad to leave me. During the day, mommy and I played, sang, and read. I was so glad to see daddy when he got home. I think he was glad to see me too!

Tuesday, August 3
Do you know where I am? I am at my daddy's work. Today, we went there to help get his classroom ready for the new school year. Daddy has these funny things called desks in his classroom. He is a teacher of something called math. Mommy tells me that he teaches his students about numbers. While I was there, I met a few people who work with daddy including the school principal, Mrs. Stewart.

I hope you enjoyed reading about what I did over the past few days. Maybe mommy will do a better job updating our blog. Ha!

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