Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Party Animal

Scout has been a party animal this week! On Sunday, she attended the 11th birthday party of Tanner and Taylor. It was pool party, but Scout didn't swim! Here she is being held by Granpappy with Tanner (one of the twins) talking to her.

Everyone at the party enjoyed finger sandwiches and chips. The cake was also delicious. Isn't it cute. I love the little fisherman on top. The boys love to fish, so we got them tackleboxes filled with goodies for their birthday.

This is Brayden and his nannie. Isn't he a cutie! He looks like he should live in Hawaii. He wasn't much for having his picture taken, but I did manage to get a couple of cute shots of him.

Some of the action in the pool. Maybe next year, Scout will be able to swim too!

This is Susan and Baby Scout. Susan is the grandmother of the twins who were having the party. She spent most her time helping with the party, but she did take a few minutes to hold Scout.

Here are the twin opening their presents. They racked up on cash and other things. I bet they will buy video games with their money. They love to play!

On Monday night, Scout attended the birthday party of her friend Annie. Annie turned three years old. Here she is opening her presents. She got lots of pajamas and Dora toys. Scout got her some Dora pajamas.

This is Jackson and Lanley playing on the seesaw. You might remember Jackson from this post about our trip to St. Jude - The Lord is Everywhere. He was the little boy we raised money for in December. He and his brother are so precious.

Scout loved watching the other children go down the big waterslide. Aunt Shannon decided she needed a waterslide for her first birthday. Do you think all her one year old friends would go down?

Remember this precious girl Catherine. She is the big sister of William (check out William and Scout here - Summer Bash). Catherine enjoyed talking to Scout.

Look at precious Ava. She is so cute in her pink dress.

Scout got to meet many new people at Annie's birthday party. Here is Scout and Karen. Karen is the mom of CoraBeth, Mae and Burt. I didn't get a picture of them, but they are such cuties.

Annie's mom Michelle made time to come and say hello to Baby Scout. She did a great job with Annie's party. I know everyone had a great time despite a nasty storm.

Here are the birthday girl and her sister, Joelle, in their new cover-ups.

Look at this beautiful rainbow. About halfway through Annie's party, the rain poured down with thunder and lightening. After it was done, the most beautiful rainbow appeared in the sky. Someone even said it was a double rainbow, but I didn't see it!

Happy Birthday Tanner, Taylor and Annie. We loved helping you celebrate your birthdays!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Thank You Notes

All during my pregnancy, I made a great effort to get my thank you notes out pretty quickly and efficiently. We were so blessed to receive so many wonderful gifts, and I didn't want anyone to have to wait three or four weeks for their thank you note. Then . . . . . . Baby Scout arrived and all my quickness and efficiency went out the window. So, with that being said, I am so sorry if you got your thank you note three weeks (or more) after we got your gift. And I am doubly sorry if I sent you someone else's thank you note (which I recently found out I did, HA!). And who knows, I could have sent you a thank you note but might have forgotten to put an address on it (which I did with a graduation card). Hopefully, you will forgive me if I post some sweet pictures of our little girl!

Have a Happy Monday!

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Scout has been so fussy today, but her daddy did manage to get a few smiles out of her this morning and I managed to get one or two this afternoon. I just love that little face!

This picture was taken this morning. Look at Scout's arm! Isn't that hilarious? She has it straight up in the air like she is raising her hand to ask a question. I hope she can remember this when she starts school . . .ha!

I hope we have a happy girl tomorrow!!!!!!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Our Friday

Today was a very exciting day around the Wiggs's house. It was filled with many fun activities for Scout, Mommy and Daddy. First thing this morning, Scout had some tummy time in her room. She did a good job moving her head from side to side. It is amazing how strong she is becoming.

Next, Scout had some back time. This is the first time she had back time on this fun play mat that was purchased by her Great Aunt Shellie. She really enjoyed swatting at the little elephant toy. This was the first time she really reached and was able to move the toys.

Don't you love this smile? Scout thought the moving elephant was hilarious!

After some playtime, Scout decided she should practice her ball for a little bit. Here she is holding her pink ball all by herself. Is she in training to play basketball?

Scout also spent a few minutes in her swing. She still does not love it. Maybe when she gets a little bigger.

Scout and Daddy had playtime for a little while this afternoon. She enjoyed listening to Daddy talk to her and sing her a few songs. Chipper enjoyed this too! He likes to snuggle right up to Scout. She even is able to grab his hair; Right now he doesn't seem to mind. I feel sorry for him when she becomes mobile.

Daddy and Mommy decided to try taking Scout out for dinner tonight. We decided to go to Rafael's since it is usually pretty quick.

I had chicken strips on a pita and Daniel had a hamburger. So yummy! We both got the opportunity to try out eating with one hand.

After dinner, we headed over to the ball field so Daddy could play ball. This was Scout's second time to watch Daddy play ball. This time it was cool enough she could get out of the car seat. Ms. Sarah held her for most of the game, and she loved it. She watched a little but mostly slept peacefully in Ms. Sarah's arms. Daddy's team did really well and won the game! So, they have to play again Monday. Hopefully, they will be able to win again. Here is our little family at the ball field.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Celebrating Five Weeks

Since we are now hitting monthly milestones, I don't plan to do as detailed weekly posts about Baby Scout's progress. But, I do want to have pictures of her from each week. So, here she is . . . .

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day

Here are a few pictures from Father's Day. We were able to have both of our families over to the house to celebrate this occasion along with Scout's one month birthday. It was a fun time.

Dear Daddy,

I love it when you . . . .

*sing to me.

*rock me to sleep.

*read to me.

*give me kisses.

*let me watch golf with you.

*make faces at me.

*pick me up when I cry.