Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Our Day

Scout was in a good mood this morning when she got up! I think she is feeling much better eventhough the medicine she is taking is totally nasty. She decided she would smile a little for mommy after she got done eating.

Then, Scout had two visitors. First, her Janny came to see her (I didn't get a picture of her visiting today). Then, her Nana came to visit too! Here is Scout wearing the dress Nana bought for her to wear to Sunday School last Sunday (she didn't get to wear it because we had been at the emergency room Saturday night and didn't make it to Sunday School on Sunday). I think it is so cute!

After playing with Janny and Nana, we loaded up to go meet a new friend. Scout, Aunt Shannon and I hit the road to go see our friends Laura (the mom) and Emmie (the sweet girl). The proud moms shared their babies with each other. Here is Laura holding Scout and me holding Emmie. Then, I held Emmie some more. She was such a sweetheart.

Emmie was born on May 28th, just one week and one day after Scout. Do you think they will be good friends?

After a few pictures, Emmie was ready to get up. I love this picture because it looks like Scout is saying, "It's alright Emmie; Just one or two more pictures and we will be done. I'll take care of you!"

We had such a fun time visiting with Laura and Emmie. If it hadn't been for a storm that seemed to be brewing outside, we would have stayed longer. When we got home, we had another visitor. Uncle Avery came to see us before he heads out on the road tomorrow (he is driving to Vegas). He spent most of his time with Scout playing "Ride a Little Pony". We have a video, but I will save that for another day. Have fun Uncle Avery and bring Scout back something fun!

Scout and I don't get many pictures together, because I am always in my pajamas or look too rough for a picture to be posted. But, I thought this picture Aunt Shannon took was kind of cute!

It is now 8:15 p.m. and Baby Scout is sleeping peacefully in her "Rock and Play". Maybe we will have a fun day tomorrow too!

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