Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Special Visitor, Crib, and Week 14

Yesterday, I had the honor of having a special visitor come to see me! Take a look at this cutie!

This is Baby Ava. She came to spend the day with me yesterday so her mommy could go to work. We had such a fun time playing on her mat, swinging and rocking. She also left me quite a few nice surprises in the diaper department. Thanks to Katie for letting me spend a fun day with Ava! She is such a sweetie!

Guess what we ordered Sunday night? If you guessed a crib, you are right. You also might like to know that we did go with BLACK! The crib will be our Christmas present from my mom and looks like the one below. How exciting! Take a look and see what you think. We also ordered the four drawer dresser but not the changing table because shipping was so expensive on it ($180.00 dollars - isn't that crazy). Hopefully, JC Penney will do a free furniture shipping soon. If not, I guess we will have to cough up $180.00. I think we could drive to the warehouse and get it cheaper than $180.00. Oh well!

Our Crib Style and Dresser

Bella by Savanna

And now for some Week 14 Information (a day late)!!!!!

First of all, Daniel and I went for a visit with Dr. Rivero on Monday. He said that everything looked great. We heard the heartbeat, and it ranged anywhere from 148 - 159 during the time he measured it. He also told us that we could have our next appointment and an ultrasound on DECEMBER 23RD!!!!!!!! Woohoo! That means everyone will get an extra special surprise on Christmas and find out what BabyBoo is going to be. When we go the ultrasound, we plan to have the ultrasound lady write the sex of the baby down. Then, I am going to give it to my friend Jodi and she is going to help me by hiding the sex of the baby in a cake or present. Last, on Christmas Day, we will slice the cake or open the present so that our family (including Daniel and I) all find out at the same time. Won't that be a hoot! Just for fun, I am going to attempt to put a "Guess the Sex of the Baby" widget on our blog.

Week 14 Picture

What's going on during Week 14?

*More specific development is occurring in BabyBoo's brain.

*BabyBoo's ears are moving from the neck to the side of the head and the chin is better defined.

*BabyBoo now how unique fingerprints.

*More reflexive movements can be demonstrated at this time by BabyBoo.

*BabyBoo is 3.5 inches long and weighs 1.4 oz. Dr. Rivero said he or she was about the size of a fist.

*BabyBoo can hear sounds now and is able to feel pain.

*BabyBoo's movement might allow me to feel a flutter movement in my tummy.

I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Daniel and I have so much to be thankful for at this time, and we hope you do to!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Our First Baby

This week, I am again participating in Kelly's Korner "Show Us Your Life". This week the topic is Pets. Here is a little poem about our first baby.

So . . . . .those of you that have pets know that having pets is really like having a child. Our first baby, Chipper, has been such a good boy for the years we have had him. Just take a look!

Our First Baby - A Poem about Our Dog

Chipper, Chipper, you're so neat,

You smile at me so very sweet.

Chipper, Chipper, you're so kind,

You're always following right behind.

Chipper, Chipper, you fill me with glee,

You're always sitting right upon my knee.

One thing that makes you the very best,

Is that you're really kind to all our guest.

But, you do something that worries me a little,

You lay in the laundry, right in the middle!

I hope our sweet baby Chipper is a good big brother. Any suggestions on how to prepare him for the new little one that is coming in May? What did you do to prepare your pet for a new baby?

*Please pray for our sweet baby Chipper this Wednesday. He is going to have his teeth cleaned, and he has to be put to sleep. I know he will feel much better after he gets this done, but I am still a little worried for him.

And now for a little laugh and a happier note. . . tell me what you think of this baby gear picture sent to me by my sweet friend Jennifer. It is in the green family!

A Baby Seat and a Teething Ring

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Harlow and Week 13 Update

For the last few weeks, I have been spending time searching online for different baby items that we might be needing along the way. It seems that everything I come across that I like is in the green family. So, take a look and see what you think!

Boppy Pillow
UPPABaby G Lite Stroller

Adorable Socks
This one doesn't come in Green . . . Hmmmm!

I also have spent hours looking at pictures of different nurseries online. Initially, I thought I would go with black and white toile for a a girl nursery. But, I recently came across this.

Harlow Nursery Bedding

I just love it! I think it is just classic and will be beautiful with a black crib. Anybody have any suggestions for cute boy room ideas? I need some!

Week 13 Belly Pic

Now . . . . .for a little information about BabyBoo!
*BabyBoo is about 3 inches and weighs .9 oz

*BabyBoo's head is beginning to become proportionate to the rest of his or her body

*BabyBoo's head is becoming rounder, his or her brain and face are fully formed

*BabyBoo's vocal cords are complete and he or she can even cry

*BabyBoo is very active at this time with constant fluid movement, but I still won't feel them *BabyBoo's intestines are moving to his or her abdomen
*BabyBoo's liver is secreting bile (yuck!) and his or her pancreas is beginning to secrete insulin *BabyBoo's skin is becoming opaque but is still transparent with blood vessel

Baby - Week 13
I am very excited because Daniel and I go for a visit with Dr. Rivero on Monday. On Wednesday, I am babysitting for my friend Katie. She has a sweet little girl named Ava who was born at the beginning of August and an adorable little boy named Ace. I will be responsible for Ava! Thursday, of course, is Thanksgiving. I can not wait to get my hands on some yummy dressing!

What are you looking forward to in the next few weeks? It is such a wonderful time of year!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Jewelry Making 101 and Week 12 Update

Last night I joined 6 other ladies from my church for our monthly (well . . . .sometimes monthly) "Circle" meeting. Last night, we had my sweet friend Jennifer as the speaker for the evening, and she allowed us to try out some of her jewelry making tools. By the way, she makes beautiful jewelry if you ever need any! We each got to draw or pick out a cross and have Jennifer cut it out for us. Then, each person chose a hammer to hammer a pattern/design. They each turned out beautiful and unique.

Ms. Rachel Hammering Her Design

Finished Crosses

You know that I am all about some delicious food, so I have to tell you that Mrs. Jeanne Baker who hosted the meeting made the most fantastic homemade meatballs for sub sandwiches and pumpkin cookies that were to die for! Thanks to Mrs. Baker for having us to her home. I had a great time!

Now . . . . .on to the BabyBoo stuff! We are at Week 12.

Week 12 Belly Pic

Week 12 Baby Information:

*BabyBoo should be about 2.4 inches now and weigh about .49 oz; The size of a large plum

*This is beginning of the second trimester. My friend Michelle promised me that the tiredness will go away soon! I hope she is right!

*Most of BabyBoo's body systems are fully formed

*BabyBoo has doubled in size over the last three weeks

*BabyBoo's bone marrow is making white blood cells to help he or she fight infection

*BabyBoo's connection to his or her mommy is completely set now with the placenta

A Look in BabyBoo's Closet

I will leave you with this question . . . . How can an unborn baby have more clothes than I do? EXCITED GRANDPARENTS! Lol! Thanks Mom and Janny! We are loving all our fun stuff!

Have a fantastic Thursday . . . . . .

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Week 11 Update

Check out this little collage I made of all my belly shots . . . . .Do you see any growth? I don't know why this is so fuzzy but maybe you can still see that my belly has not grown too much yet! I don't know how this is possible because I have been eating sooooooo much! Just look at some of the culprits of my ferocious eating.

Some Yummy Birthday Cake . . .Delicious!
Isn't this cake so cute?

Chicken Salad in a Pineapple from Demos' . . . . The best!
Halloween Candy . . . . Oh my!

Some Week 11 Fun Facts about BabyBoo

*This is an ultrasound of what BabyBoo should look like now :)
*BabyBoo's head is still large compared to his or her body, but he or she is starting to lengthen

*BabyBoo is now starting to develop facial features and his or her eyes are starting to move to the center of his or her face

*BabyBoo's organs are fully functioning and he or she might even be making urine (GROSS!)

*BabyBoo's private parts are still indistinguishable between male and female and probably won't be clear to see until 16-18 weeks

*BabyBoo is about 1.6 inches long and weighs .25 oz

*BabyBoo's fingernail and toenail beds are beginning to form and in the next couple of weeks, the nails will start to grow

My precious friend Katie gave me a whole tub of maternity clothes. For the mommies out there, how far along were you when you started wearing maternity clothes? Just the thought of it makes me a little nervous, but I am sure all will be well. Thanks again Katie!