Friday, November 20, 2009

Our First Baby

This week, I am again participating in Kelly's Korner "Show Us Your Life". This week the topic is Pets. Here is a little poem about our first baby.

So . . . . .those of you that have pets know that having pets is really like having a child. Our first baby, Chipper, has been such a good boy for the years we have had him. Just take a look!

Our First Baby - A Poem about Our Dog

Chipper, Chipper, you're so neat,

You smile at me so very sweet.

Chipper, Chipper, you're so kind,

You're always following right behind.

Chipper, Chipper, you fill me with glee,

You're always sitting right upon my knee.

One thing that makes you the very best,

Is that you're really kind to all our guest.

But, you do something that worries me a little,

You lay in the laundry, right in the middle!

I hope our sweet baby Chipper is a good big brother. Any suggestions on how to prepare him for the new little one that is coming in May? What did you do to prepare your pet for a new baby?

*Please pray for our sweet baby Chipper this Wednesday. He is going to have his teeth cleaned, and he has to be put to sleep. I know he will feel much better after he gets this done, but I am still a little worried for him.

And now for a little laugh and a happier note. . . tell me what you think of this baby gear picture sent to me by my sweet friend Jennifer. It is in the green family!

A Baby Seat and a Teething Ring

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