Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Jewelry Making 101 and Week 12 Update

Last night I joined 6 other ladies from my church for our monthly (well . . . .sometimes monthly) "Circle" meeting. Last night, we had my sweet friend Jennifer as the speaker for the evening, and she allowed us to try out some of her jewelry making tools. By the way, she makes beautiful jewelry if you ever need any! We each got to draw or pick out a cross and have Jennifer cut it out for us. Then, each person chose a hammer to hammer a pattern/design. They each turned out beautiful and unique.

Ms. Rachel Hammering Her Design

Finished Crosses

You know that I am all about some delicious food, so I have to tell you that Mrs. Jeanne Baker who hosted the meeting made the most fantastic homemade meatballs for sub sandwiches and pumpkin cookies that were to die for! Thanks to Mrs. Baker for having us to her home. I had a great time!

Now . . . . .on to the BabyBoo stuff! We are at Week 12.

Week 12 Belly Pic

Week 12 Baby Information:

*BabyBoo should be about 2.4 inches now and weigh about .49 oz; The size of a large plum

*This is beginning of the second trimester. My friend Michelle promised me that the tiredness will go away soon! I hope she is right!

*Most of BabyBoo's body systems are fully formed

*BabyBoo has doubled in size over the last three weeks

*BabyBoo's bone marrow is making white blood cells to help he or she fight infection

*BabyBoo's connection to his or her mommy is completely set now with the placenta

A Look in BabyBoo's Closet

I will leave you with this question . . . . How can an unborn baby have more clothes than I do? EXCITED GRANDPARENTS! Lol! Thanks Mom and Janny! We are loving all our fun stuff!

Have a fantastic Thursday . . . . . .

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