Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Daddy vs. Jack Ryan

Today, Scout and I ventured over to daddy's school to watch him complete in a basketball shooting competition against Jack Ryan. He was there to perform as a special conclusion to the school's fundraising campaign. Unfortunately, we didn't get there in time to see Daddy shoot against Jack but did get to see his fantastic display of basketball skills. He did a great job of involving the students and interacting with the crowd. He also had a great message of following your dreams, etc. In case you are wondering, Daddy lost the competition. But that is understandable, just take a look at Jack Ryan's biography (from Wikipedia). You can also click on his name to take a look at his website.

Jack Ryan, aka "Black Jack", aka "Water", is an American streetball player from Brooklyn, New York. Ryan's basketball exploits began at John Jay High School, where, as a senior, averaged 26 ppg. Ryan later took his game to East 5th St. Park in Brooklyn, where he mastered the tricks and shots he became well known for. In his first season in a recreational league at West 4th, Ryan played one game against former Detroit Piston Phil Sellers and scored 44 points.[1]

Ryan is also known for his very proficient 3-point shooting. According to an article written by Bobbito Garcia about Ryan in Slam Magazine Streetball Special Collector's Issue, Chris Mullin once described Jack as the best shooter he'd ever seen who hadn't played in the NBA.[citation needed] The article also states Peter Vecsey got Ryan a tryout with the New Jersey Nets in 1990, but was the second-to-last man cut, ending Ryan's NBA aspirations. Yet, Ryan still proved his mastery of the 3-point shot when he won the 2005 City Slam 3-Point Shooting Championships, which aired on ESPN. In a close final, Ryan edged out fellow streetball sharpshooter Deshun "Father Time" Jackson to take the title. In the media, Ryan was featured on the cover of the New York Times Sports section on December 3, 2003, and in May 2003 was named as one of "Slam Magazines Greatest Playground Ballers of All Time."[2]

Aside from streetball, Ryan is also known for performing during halftime shows at NBA arenas with the basketball performance group "Project Playground".

Anyway, here are a few pictures from our little visit.

Sweet Scout and Daddy Watching the Show

Jack Ryan Spinning Nine Basketballs

Daddy, Scout, Jack Ryan
(Scout's First Picture with a Guinness Book of World Record Holder)

Daddy and His Buds Hanging Out with Jack

Scout Teaching Class with Daddy
(She put on a show for them)

Lunch with Dad

Have a great Wednesday!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

First Thanksgiving

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving week celebrating with both our families. We have so many things to be thankful for this year!

Daniel's family gathers at the community center for their Thanksgiving. Everyone brings two dishes and a dessert. There is so much food to choose from, and it is so good. This year, we played Bingo. It was wonderfully organized by Daniel's cousins Celina and Sabrina. It was so fun, and I actually won for once! I am already looking forward to Christmas.

Sweet Scout

Me and Scout

Pappy and Tanner Playing Bingo

Celina and Scout

Sweet Girl in Her Thanksgiving Dress

My family gathered at Cracker Barrel on Wednesday night for a family dinner for Thanksgiving. I had some yummy Cider Roasted Pork (Amazing!) We had a nice time visiting and eating, but I didn't get too many good pictures because the lighting was terrible.

Scout and Grandaddy

Makayla and Scout

Shannon, Me, Makayla and Scout

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving as well!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Christmas Cards

I always love getting Christmas cards! My favorites are usually the ones with the adorable pictures of everyone's children. I am so excited that I will be able to participate in the sending of that kind of Christmas card this year. As I received last year's Christmas cards in the mail, I noticed that my friend Jodi had used Shutterfly.com to make her cards. The design she chose was so cute and the quality was amazing. Well, right then, I decided I would use Shutterfly to make my cards this year! Luckily, Shutterfly is doing a fantastic promotion for Bloggers. Adrienne, over at Our Journey of Love, did a little blog commercial for this fantastic deal, and I decided I would get in on the action. Just take a look at the great products Shutterfly has to choose from in the Christmas Card area.

Here are few of my favorites. You can click on them to find more adorable designs.

Sweet Monogram Ribbon - I love the simplicity of this one!

Cool Peppermint Dots - So cute!

Swirls and Dots - Wouldn't this be sweet with a Santa picture?

Want to get in on the action - http://bit.ly/sfly2010. Follow this link for more information.

And just for fun, here is a picture of Scout at her first FC basketball game.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Celebrating Six Months

Today, Baby Scout, you are Six months old.

Sleeping Patterns: Baby Scout, you slept in your crib for the first time last night! Mommy slept in your room with you. You woke up seven times. Usually, you go to bed around eight and wake up between six and seven. The time change really messed up your sleeping patterns. You were starting to recover from the time change and then you got sick. So, we are still struggling with sleep at night. Last night was the first night you have not been swaddled at night. As for naps, you have started taking those in your crib as well. Mommy reads you a book, rocks you for a minute, and then puts you in your crib (awake). If you fuss, I pick you up, calm you, and then put you back down. It may take two or three times, but you will go to sleep. Your naps have been around 45 minutes. This is a long time for you.

What You Like To Do: Baby Scout, your favorite thing is when mommy and daddy make a turkey noise at you. You laugh really hard at this. You also like "This Little Piggy" and have a doll that says this rhyme for you. Your new favorite toy is you Jumperoo. You can jump really high in it and will sit in it for a long time. You still like to watch T.V. but not as much as you did. You like Yo Gabba Gabba and The Price is Right. You love all your toys. One of your favorite is a little princess doll that rattles. You also enjoy playing with stacking cups and sucking on your toes. Sometimes, you like your bath and sometimes you do not. It depends on what mood you are in and how tired you are. You love to be rocked and will scratch if you are tired. You have one certain position that you like to cuddle (facing right, right thumb in mouth, left arm tucked). If mommy holds you like that you usually go right to sleep. Sometimes, mommy rocks you eventhough she should lay you down. You like to watch Chipper. You even like it when he licks you, buy mommy doesn't like that too much. You like to visit daddy at school. He takes you around to visit everyone, and you seem to think this is really fun. You seem to like going to Daddy's basketball games; You have not fussed once at any of his games. Swinging is something else you like to do. Our church has playground with a baby swing, and we have been to swing there two times. You love it!

New Things You Have Done this Month: Baby Scout, you have done so many new things this month. You went on your first vacation to Charleston. You were so good the entire time. During that trip, you had your first time in the ocean, first horse and buggy ride, and first college football game. You had your first Halloween this month. You dressed up like a dragon, pumpkin and flower. You didn't go trick or treating but gave out candy with daddy at his baseball team's Trunk or Treat! You attended your first basketball game this month. I think this will be the first of many. You seem to love watching basketball. You rolled over from back to front for the first time. You have only done it once though. You don't show much interest in rolling but really enjoy sitting up and playing with your toys. You also took your first nap in your crib this month and slept all night in your crib. You said "Mama" very clearly for the first time. Stage one foods have all been tried now. You really like squash, bananas, pears and applesauce. Your least favorites are prunes and green beans. You are really pushing up tall and sort of lifting your belly. No luck with all fours yet! You can get where you want to go by scooting backwards. You can go backwards really fast.

Eating Patterns: Baby Scout, you eat 5 times a day ( 6:30ish, 10:00ish, 2ish, 5ish and 8ish). You nurse every three hours (woohoo!) for about fifteen minutes. You usually do not eat during the night. You are doing a great job with your solid food. You eat cereal with fruit at 7:30, some kind of baby food about 1:00, and cereal with fruit at 7:00.

Dislikes: Baby Scout, sometimes you dislike when it is time to sleep. You will fight sleep so bad. You fuss until you find you comfortable spot. You also dislike Wal-Mart. The two times I have taken you, you have fussed the whole time. You also seem to dislike having a poopy diaper now. That never bothered you until we started solid food.

Diaper Size: Scout, you wear a Size 3 diaper.

Clothes Size: Scout, you wear some size 3 - 6 months clothes and some 6 - 9 month clothes, and 6 - 12 month clothes. Your pajamas are size 3 - 6 months with some 6 - 9. I probably will change to all 6 - 9 months and 6 - 12 months clothes sometime in the next week or so.

Eye/Hair Color: Scout, right now, your eyes are a green/brown color (different on different days), but I think they are going to turn brown. Your hair is red.

You are six months old!
We can not believe it!
Your first 1/2 year has gone by so fast!
We love you!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Embrace the Camera

Yep . . . It's that time again! Take some pictures of you and your child or your spouse and your child and join in the fun!

Mommy and Scout playing in her room.

Scout visiting Daddy at school.

Happy Thursday and Don't Forget to Embrace the Camera!

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Congratulations to Tiffany from Tiffany Talks!
An e-mail is coming your way, Tiffany!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Show Us Your Life - Bathrooms

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This week, Kelly over at Kelly's Korner is continuing her "Show Us Your Life" Friday. This weekly linking party began as "Show Us Where You Live", so Kelly is revisiting this idea over the next few weeks. This will give those who missed the home tours the first time to have a chance to get in on the action. This week is bathrooms. So, hop on over to Kelly's Korner, and you should be able to find a nice tour of bathrooms.

Scout's Bathroom

Welcome to Scout's bathroom. It is painted the same pink color as her bedroom. The cute dot decor was purchased from Target. It is a Jack-and-Jill Bathroom that connects the two guest rooms.

Half Bath

This is our Half Bath. I absolutely love having a half bath in our house, and I hope I don't ever have to live in a house without a half bath for guests to use. It is so nice to have a space that can stay pretty neat and tidy all the time. My favorite part of the half bath is the wine rack that holds a nice selection of magazines. Fun, right?

We have a big bathroom in our Master Bedroom, but I wasn't able to make pictures due to a little angel sleeping in our bedroom. It's okay, tho, because it is really a mess.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of our Bathrooms. Check back next week for another room or daily for adventures of our little girl!