Thursday, June 17, 2010

Celebrating Four Weeks

Today, Baby Scout, you are four weeks old!

Sleeping Patterns: Baby Scout, your sleeping patterns have changed this week. You like to sleep about one hour at a time during the day and two hours at a time at night. Mommy and daddy wish you would go back to those longer spreads of time. We think some of this change comes from your having an upset tummy, but you also are really liking to eat more often now despite the tummy ache. Your Rock and Play is your favorite place to sleep, but mommy put you in your crib this afternoon. You lasted about 5 minutes before you got up.

First Attempt at Napping in Crib

What You Like To Do: Baby Scout, you love to love to lay on your changing table in your room. You seem to like the feel of the cover. While you are laying on your changing table, you like to look at the black and white things. You also love to find ceiling fans. You find them no matter what room you are in. You love to snuggle. Aunt Shannon and Daddy help you with this most of the time. Anytime mommy tries it, you think it is time to eat. This week, you have decided you like your bath. Aunt Shannon fills the sink closer to the top so more of you is covered, and you like to splash.

New Things You Have Done this Week: Baby Scout, you had your first emergency room visit this week. You also have had to take your first medicine with a dropper. You absolutely HATE it! Everyone dreads the four times a day we have to give your medicine to you, and we have to do it for another five days! You wore 0 - 3 months pajamas for the first time this week. It won't be long until that is all you wear. You are growing so fast. You, mommy, and Aunt Shannon went on your first visit to a friend's house, too! You did a good job and were very sweet!

Eating Patterns:
Baby Scout, you eat ten to twelve times a day. You nurse every hour and a half to two hours for about twenty minutes. Mommy loves this time with you, but it wears her out! This week, you have really started to spit up so much. I don't know what is causing you to do this, but I hope it improves. I think it is causing you to be hungry more.

You kept Chipper company when it stormed today. He was scared and climbed up on you to make himself feel better. You loved it!

Dislikes: Baby Scout, you hate being cold. This includes having your diaper changed, the end of bathtime, and changing clothes. You don't mind having a poopy diaper. We tried to lay you in your Pack and Play, and you hated it. I don't think you like being flat. You hate taking your medicine. It is so hard for you to get it down.

Diaper Size: Scout, you wear a Newborn size diaper.

Clothes Size: Scout, you wear Newborn size clothes. Your newborn onesies are a little snug. We have had to retire a few of your newborn pajamas this week , and you have been wearing a few of your 0 - 3 months pajamas. Your newborn clothes fit nicely still.

Eye Color: Scout, right now, your eyes are blue.

You are really a sweet girl.
Mommy and Daddy think you are the best.
We love you!

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