Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Best Friend

For the first 84 days of Scout's life, we kept a sheet of everything she did. We would write down everytime she slept, ate, pooped, peed, played on her tummy, went for a walk, etc. I would also jot down anything else important for the day as well (such as her weight if we went to the doctor). We kept all her sheets on a clipboard. Here is a little sample of her sheets, and the clipboard where we kept them. Daniel liked to joke that we would need a filing cabinet to file all her sheets. So funny!

Well, the day before yesterday, I decided that we could probably stop doing this as we had become a little lazy about keeping up with everything. And now, I have a new best friend - The Itzbeen Timer. I do still keep up with how long she eats, time between diaper changes, how long she sleeps and time between feedings (because otherwise Scout would eat every hour). If you are a new mommy, you need one of this little guys. It is so handy!

In other news, on Tuesday, we started Kindermusik with Mrs. Jane. We had such a fun time singing and dancing with Adelyn, Alex, and Brayden (The other babies in our class). We are looking forward to next week.

Don't you love that little outfit with an "S" on the front? I do!

Happy Friday!

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