Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sick Baby

For the last few days, Scout has not quite been herself. She has been a little more fussy than normal and has been waking up at night, which is a little unusual too! I took her to our church Circle meeting Thursday, and she was really fussy and acted like she couldn't get comfortable. When we got home, she got sick (hurled) and had a pretty upset tummy. Yesterday morning (Friday), she woke up a little upset and sounded a bit congested. Throughout the day, she fussed quite a bit. By Four O'Clock when Daniel got home, she had a full blown runny nose, cough, and sneezing. So, I guess I can say that Scout is having her first official sickness.

We did find a little time yesterday to play. Scout enjoys laying on her back and looking at herself in the little mirror on top of her playmat.

She also like working her puzzle with the animals who have different textures on their bodies.

Here she is in her bouncy seat. She is trying to eat her baby doll.

She also likes to sit in her Bumbo and look at herself in the mirror. She does pretty good sitting for a short time.

Luckily, she did sleep pretty good last night (from ten to five), so I think she feels better. Today, we are going to spend our time rocking, cuddling and wiping a runny nose.

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