Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Our Tuesday

This morning we attended our Kindermusik class with Ms. Jane. It wore Scout out! She had to have a little nap after class.

After Scout finished napping, I fed her, and we went to lunch with our friends Adelyn, Nathan and Tara. We ate at the coffee shop on the square. While we were there, we saw our friend Ms. Suzie from church. She was playing Bridge with some of her friends. I wonder if Shannon, Lisa and I will be playing Bridge with each other in a few years? Ms. Suzie did take a little break and spent some time holding Adelyn. Maybe next time she will get to hold Scout, too!

Ms. Suzie, Adelyn, Scout, Me
Lisa had to take Tara to the doctor after lunch, so Nathan came to our house to play and Shannon came over too! Lisa came with Tara when she was done at the doctor. She brought us yummy smoothies from Mcdonald's. If you haven't had one, you should try it! The babies had a fun time with playing with Sara (Adelyn's older sister).


Sara and Tara

Adelyn and Scout
To finish off our playdate, we took the little ones for a walk. We have been walking three or four times a week, and it makes exercise more fun. Scout enjoyed most of our walk. We did stop a little early, because Scout's two hours were up, and she was ready to eat! We can almost tell time by Scout and her two hour time limit on eating.

Last night after everybody went to bed, I put together Scout's exersaucer that her Great Aunt Susan bought for her. So tonight we tried it out. She seemed to like it alot. I need to get some more AAA batteries for all the toys, and I think she will spend a good amount of time in it.

Scout was quietly rocking in Daddy's arms by 8:45. I think she was exhausted from our exciting day. Tomorrow, we are headed to the library. Should be fun!

Happy Wednesday!

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