Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fantasy Football

I had planned to update the blog last night, but the computer was occupied. Have you ever seen such concentration? All for the Fantasy Football draft! I sure hope all your husbands worked as hard as mine to get the best players. HA!HA!

And now for a few pictures of our sweet girl from yesterday . . . . .

Our First Visit to Storytime at the Library

Having Lunch with Our Friends at Wendy's

Waiting for Mommy's Car at the Car Dealership

(Which I totally forget I was supposed to have serviced today!)

Tummy Time

I know that everyone is probably so excited about the beginning of football season. Scout was supposed to attend her first college football game this weekend, but Mommy and Daddy decided it was going to be a little too hot. So instead of traveling to the Citadel, we will be cheering on Franklin County's own Terrance Martin from home. I know he will have a fantastic start to his college career. Hooray for Terrance! Happy Friday and Happy Football!

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