Monday, September 27, 2010


I feel the need to tell you about something I love . . . . The Price is Right. Crazy? I know!!!!!! My love for The Price is Right started right at birth! I would watch it over at my grandmother's house, and my love for it started right then. At that time, it came on during the day and at night. Bob Barker was the most fabulous host. At one time, we even had tickets to go to the show but didn't get to go. And, I know two people who have been contestants (One won and the other lost). Now, as an adult, I would TIVO this fantastic game show during the day when I worked and watch it at night. But, when Drew Carey took over as host, I quit! It just wasn't the same. Well, I am totally giving this favorite of mine another shot and have recently discovered it not only comes on once during the day, but twice!!!!!! My TIVO is set, and I am enjoying TPIR once again.

If you are bored, jump on over to The Price is Right website. There is some neat information about the games and other stuff!

Why do I tell you all this? Because I want this little girl to love The Price is Right. Right now, we don't watch much T.V. But, in the future this will be on our viewing list! Ha! Ha!

Do you love TPIR too? What do you love?

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  1. I love Cash Cab! And I like TPIR, but Tivo, not really that much. :) Precious Scout is soo cute! She looks like you both. I can see both of you. Your sister ordered a prayer from me a while back and I was glad to get to meet her. Hope you are doing well.