Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Embrace the Camera

Tomorrow, over at The Anderson Crew, is embrace the camera day. The pictures are supposed to be of you and your child or your spouse and your child. I decided that I would try to take some of me and Scout together since we have very few mommy/Scout pictures. I really didn't do too good but here is what we got!

I love the first one with Scout's tongue sticking out! I love the second one with her thumb in her mouth! She started consistently sucking her thumb this past weekend. Many of her pictures from this week are of her and her thumb.

Scout loves to grab my face, as seen in the first picture. I love the second one; Such a sweet face looking back at mommy.

Happy Thursday and don't forget to Embrace the Camera!


  1. I love little hand grabbing the face. I wish I had pics of my little ones doing that. Good shot!

  2. Great pics ~ I love sweet little thumb suckers :)

  3. Great pictures! Oh, and I LOVE how you decorated your daughter's room... =)

  4. sweet pics ~ one of mine has become good friends with his lil' thumb too...i think it's cute, daddy HATES it! =)

  5. You did a great job getting in the pics!!