Thursday, July 29, 2010

This Week

This week has been a very exciting week at the Wiggs's house. Scout and I have been practicing going places by ourselves because Daddy has to go back to work next week : ( Here are some pictures of places we have visited.

On Tuesday, Scout and I traveled to the beauty shop. We met Ms. Trina. I know Trina will be cutting Scout's hair soon because it is getting so long. Just kidding!

We also ventured to Wal-Mart. Scout did a great job. I think she liked looking at all the colors. I was amazed, because Scout sat in the car seat the entire time at the beauty shop and Wal-Mart. Normally, she hates the car seat. Maybe she is learning to adjust to being in it!

Tuesday night we decided to take a walk. I tried putting the car seat in the stroller instead of putting Scout in the stroller. I thought Scout might enjoy sitting where I could talk and sing to her while we walked. She did! Again, I was amazed.

On Wednesday, we visited Clark Memorial. We went to see my teacher friends who were busy preparing for the new school year. Unfortunately, I left my memory stick for the camera at home and didn't think to use my camera's internal memory, so I don't have any pictures of Scout's first time to school : (

Wednesday night, we rode down to Janny and Granpappy's house to visit. Scout loves to smile and laugh at Granpappy. He seems to always be able to get her to talk and smile.

This morning, Scout got up and ready for her playdate with Chaz and Adelyn.

Chaz and Adelyn's moms all brought something to put in a salad, so we had a nice lunch.

Chaz was a sleepy boy and decided to take a nap on the couch. Can you find him? You might be able to see his feet and a little of his head. He was all cuddled up with my "Jane" (This is what we call my nursing cover).

Daniel got home just in time to take our picture before everyone left.

Tomorrow we go to see the doctor for a check-up and our first shots. I am dreading it so much. I know it will be harder on me and Daniel than it will be for Scout. Wish us luck!

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