Monday, July 26, 2010

Our Sunday

We had another first this past Sunday . . . . . our first time in "big church". Of course, we began our Sunday by attending Sunday School. Scout did a good job during the lesson. She was awake for a little part of it and asleep for a little part of it. After Sunday School was over, I fed her, and we decided to try "Big Church". We sat next to our friends Ray and Shannon, the parents of Scout's friend Adelyn. So, there were two babies on the same pew! Both babies were fantastic. Scout just let out a little scream at the end of church as if she were saying, "Amen". Otherwise, she was happy the entire time sitting on daddy's lap and even sleeping for a little bit. After Sunday School, we went to eat with Ray, Shannon, Sara, and Adelyn. We had to wait for a few minutes to get a table at the restaurant, and there was only outside waiting. Since it was 100 degrees, the two daddies waited in the cars with the babies. So sweet! After lunch, we rode down to Janny's and Granpappy's house to visit for a while. Scout was in a good mood and played for a long time. She was smiling, talking and laughing. We spent the rest of the day at home. Scout took a good long nap while I had a nap too!

Scout Asleep in Sunday School

Scout Asleep in Church

Me and Scout After Church in Sanctuary

Daddy Singing to Scout at Lunch

Scout Playing with Granpappy

Scout Having Tummy Time at Home

Hope you had a wonderful Sunday!

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