Sunday, July 11, 2010

Our Sunday

Today was a very busy Sunday. First, we got up and went to Sunday School. Since our teacher, Lucy, was out of town, I got to teach the lesson (oh my!). We are studying the book of Genesis and today we covered Chapters 30 and 31. We sort of did a little review. We are now ready to start on Chapter 32. We had a good group in class this morning including two babies (Scout and Adelyn). Here are a few pictures.

David and Owen

Ray, Sara, Shannon and Adelyn

Kelvin, Stephanie and Scout
After Sunday School, we rode down to Janny's and Granpappy's house for a little playtime before lunch. Scout enjoyed laying and watching the fan and smiling at Uncle Avery.

Scout Smiling at Uncle Avery

Playing on the Floor with Janny

After playing for a little while, we met Mike, Melody and Judd for lunch. Baby Scout did a pretty good job and didn't get fussy until she got hungry. Judd was fantastic. He is such a cute guy!

Melody, Judd, Daniel and Scout

Judd Reading the Menu

Daniel and Scout

Scout and Judd

When we got home, Daniel took this picture of Scout and me. I love her sweet smile (and her cute pajamas).

Scout played on her playmat for a few minutes after eating. She is getting so strong and moves her head so well. I love it when she lifts her head long enough for me to get a picture. Sometimes, she will move it from side to side before I can get a good shot. All the excitement of the day must have worn Scout out, because she fell asleep at 6:30 and has not woken up (it is 9:15). I wonder what this means for her night sleeping (she usually goes down at 10:30, wakes up for about 10 - 15 minutes to eat sometime during the night, then goes back to sleep until about 6:00)? I guess I better head off to bed as we might be up at 2:00. I probably will be okay because Daddy usually does the middle of the night rocking if it is needed : )

Hope you had a great Sunday!!!!

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