Friday, July 2, 2010

Adventure Friday

After sitting at home for most of the week, Scout had a very exciting Friday. First, she worked on sucking her fingers. She has made it her new habit to suck on her arm. I don't like this very much. I am considering giving me a pacifier so she will quit. I also think it might be helpful for when she is fighting sleep and when she is ready to eat but it is not time. I think it would be okay now since she is doing such a good job with her eating. What do you think?

Scout spent some time today playing on her tummy time mat (she likes to be on her back too!). Notice how she is holding her pink elephant. She is really developing a nice grip!

Scout's Janny (Daniel's mom) came to visit us for a little while this afternoon and brought baby Scout a new rattle (I didn't get a picture). It is really cute with two little soccer balls on either end. Do you think this is the start of a great soccer player? Here is Scout doing a big smile. Thanks for the rattle, Janny!

After Janny and Granpappy left, we ventured out to the ball field to watch Tanner and Taylor play baseball. Granpappy and Daniel always stand out in the outfield on the fence. Here is Scout snuggling with Granpappy. It is her first time to stand on the fence.

Scout spent some time on the fence with Daddy too! Tanner hit a ball right to us, but it was foul.

Tanner at bat.

Taylor at bat.

Here is the team after the game. Unfortunately, they lost, so they are done for the year! Good job, boys! Scout enjoyed watching you play.

After the ball game, we decided to try our second trip out to eat. We went to the best Mexican restaurant. At dinner, we saw some of our sweet friends who have not gotten to meet Scout. Scout enjoyed meeting Deb and Glenn. She also met Kim, Beverly and Ms. Brewer, but I didn't get a picture.

Another friend, Ms. Dawn, offered to hold Scout so her daddy and I could eat. Ms. Dawn and Mr. Jeff came to visit a few weeks ago and brought Scout the "LOVE" letters you sometimes see in her weekly pictures. Thank you so much, Ms. Dawn. Scout enjoyed sitting with you!

After a little ride home, Scout was ready to eat. She sat with Daddy for a little bit and is now sleeping. Hope you enjoyed reading about our Adventure Friday!

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