Thursday, July 15, 2010

Celebrating Eight Weeks

Baby Scout, today you are eight weeks old. You now wear size 1 diapers (in Pampers) and size 2 (in Huggies) and size 3 - 6 months onesies. You are now wearing mostly 0 - 3 months clothes and 3 months clothes. Your favorite thing is to sleep and swing in your swing and play on your play mats. You are getting so strong playing on your playmats. You lift your head all the time and move your feet like you want to crawl. I don't think it will be long before you roll over. You are trying so hard, and it makes you mad because you can't turn yourself over. You are still doing a good job sleeping at night and are starting to sleep during the day a little bit more. At night, you will sleep from about 9 - 6 and only get up to eat one time around three. Many mornings you will go back to sleep until 8. You are such a happy girl in the morning. This is when I get many of my smile pictures. During the day, your might nap two or three times for thirty minutes or so, and you usually sleep for a couple of hours once during the day. You will fight going to sleep during the day and do not like to lay in your Rock and Play for your naps (You want someone to hold you). You are really starting to become responsive to anyone who talks to you. You say, "I Good!" and other sounds all the time. Your tummy has really bothered you the last few days. You are spitting up just about after every feeding. This makes it hard on mom because you want to eat again after you spit up!

Mommy and Daddy think your the best!
You are such a sweet girl.
We love your smile!

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