Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July

The Wiggs's family had a very exciting Fourth of July. We woke up in time to venture off to Sunday School. This is our little family in our Sunday School room. We are so lucky that we have our class in the parlor at church. We have nice, comfy couches to sit on, and they also make a nice place to take pictures.

This is Scout and her buddy Brayden. He was born in January and is absolutely adorable. He loves to smile and laugh at you. I can't wait until Scout can do that like him! Brayden's mom and dad are in our Sunday School Class.

After Sunday School, we rode down to Daniel's mom and dads to show off our cute dress. Scout enjoyed laying on the floor and letting everybody admire her. She did decide to laugh and play a little.

But, our big adventure was over to our friend's house for a Fourth of July celebration. Scout decided to spend some of her time laying on the floor and smiling. Don't you love her "Made in the USA" onesie? I paired it with some ruffle jeans and her flag tennis shoes. I think she looked adorable. Scout loved being held by everyone, hanging out by the pool, and watching Daddy play games.

This is Scout and her new friend Mason. Mason was visiting from New Jersey, i think. He loved getting in the floor with Scout and would give her kisses on her tummy. He was so sweet, and she just smiled when he was playing with her.

Scout also enjoyed spending time with Mrs. Babs.

Daddy enjoyed playing games. Here he is playing Ladder Ball with his friend Phillip (his partner was Phillip's wife). He lost but had a good time.

Daniel and the host, John, work together. They don't look like they could get into trouble, do they? John has triplet girls, Natalie, Hannah, and Tyler. I didn't get a picture of them together. They will be in sixth grade next year, and Daniel will be their math teacher.

Here is the beautiful hostess, Dawn. I don't think she sat down the entire time we were there (Bless her heart) except for a few minutes to hold Baby Scout. Thank you so much for having us over to celebrate. We had a great time!

Scout was not a very happy camper all the way home. We even had to stop and get her out of the car seat and calm her down (oh my!). I really wanted a picture with her, but she was not having it. This is the best we could do!

She did get a little happier after she ate. You might notice the spit-up at the top of her onesie. This was her fourth outfit. She was feeling pretty good, i think!

Finally, it was time for bed (Scout's bedtime is consistently 10:30ish). Last night, she slept from 11:00 to 5:00. WOOOOHOOOOOO! I think we are getting closer to sleeping "through the night". In her pajamas, she could have blended in with the fireworks the neighbors were shooting across the street.

Happy Birthday, America! Scout enjoyed celebrating her first Fourth of July.

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