Friday, July 9, 2010

Playdate and Birthday Dinner

Today, Adelyn came over for our very first playdate. Adelyn was born the Sunday after Scout. I think both girls had a great time sleeping, eating, and laying on their backs. Mrs. Shannon (Adelyn's mom) helped give Scout her first manicure. Tonight, our family ventured over to Cracker Barrel for Daniel's birthday dinner. We didn't get to celebrate it on Monday as planned because Uncle Avery was sick. We are glad he is feeling better! Here are a few pictures from our day!

Excited About Our Playdate

Adelyn and Scout Laying on their Backs

Mrs. Shannon Giving Scout a Manicure

Mommy Giving Scout a Manicure

Adelyn and Scout Laying on the Couch

Aunt Shannon and Mrs. Tara Visiting Scout

KayKay, Janny and Scout at Cracker Barrel

Granpappy and Scout at Cracker Barrel

Scout was good on the way to Cracker Barrel (about a 30 minute drive) and slept during our whole wait (another 30 minutes). She woke up right after we got seated and was not in a very happy mood. So, I tried to feed her, and she got a little upset stomach and let it go right in the middle of Cracker Barrel. This led to her first time to be changed in a public bathroom. She didn't really care for being changed in a strange place. After she was clean, her Janny took her out to the porch to rock. I think she liked this very much. We fed her in the car and then headed to the house. Sometimes, I think it is easier just to stay home! Ha!

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