Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Celebrating Eleven Months

Today, Baby Scout, you are Eleven months old.

Sleeping Patterns: Baby Scout, you are doing so great sleeping at night. You usually go to sleep between 7:30 - 8:30 and get up between 5:45 - 6:45. You don't usually wake up during the night. We still do a bedtime routine of dinner, cereal, bath, pajamas, books, eat and then bed. I nurse you with the light on, but sometimes you still like to fall asleep while you eat. If you don't fall asleep, when you are done eating, I lay you in you crib and turn off the light and you will go to sleep on your own! Naps are so much better, but you have sort of had a rough time napping this week. You are now sleeping on a mat on the floor for naps. Usually, when I see you are getting sleepy, I lay down with you on you mat. It usually takes you about ten minutes to fall asleep, but you might sleep anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and a half. I don't know what to do while you are sleeping because you have never laid down for naps. But, I do have to check on you every five minutes, because you are ready to move when you wake up and don't always make noise. I think you look like Sweet Pea from Popeye because your blanket is still usually wrapped around your legs as you crawl to find me.

(Again this month, this is what happened when I tried to get you to lay down beside your bear !)

What You Like To Do: Baby Scout, you love to play outside. You would swing in your swing all day if we could. Your newest thing is to play in your pack and play. You love to move around in it, and you are finally tall enough to reach the sides to pull yourself up in it. You also love to walk around it using the edges for support. You really love your playroom, but your favorite spot is on the carpet in front of the door. You always crawl there when we are playing in the floor. You also love to crawl all over the house. You always try to go in the laundry room where Chipper's food is, and I am so afraid you are going to get it before I can catch you! Another thing you like to do is tap on our computer. Sometimes, you pull the keys off though. Riding in your front carrier has become a favorite activity of yours. I take it when we go shopping or walking because you love it as long as we are moving. I think you would stay in it all day. You also like to aggravate Chipper. You think he is so funny! You laugh at him all the time and grab at his hair. You have also gotten to where you like to ride in the car and will fall asleep in the car seat. We have spent some time riding around or sitting in the driveway waiting for you to get up. You love to jabber all the time. You talk to your animals, and it sounds so sweet.

New Things You Have Done this Month: Baby Scout, you took your first trip to Florida and did such a great job riding in the car. You spent some of the trip using your blanket to play peek-a-boo. This was something new this month. You also got to go to Gulf World and see ocean animals up close. You enjoyed the dolphin show. We took you in a swimming pool for the first time ever. You didn't love it, but you didn't hate it either. You didn't cry in the water. Mommy was able to put your hair in a ponytail and pigtails for the first time. So adorable! For the first time, you got to go on the baseball field. You loved crawling around on the grass and even messed up the chalk on first base. You also had your first Easter Egg Hunt and trip to our local park. Two big things you have done for the first time this month are blow kisses and drink from a straw. You have stood alone for a few seconds a few times, but don't like to do this. You want to hold on to something or you want us to hold you up. I think you are a little scared about standing on your own. You have tried many new foods this month. You seem to like most everything you try.

Eating Patterns: Baby Scout, you are a great eater. You eat all table food except for a half of container of baby food in your morning and evening cereal. In the morning as soon as you wake up, you have cereal mixed with fruit and some kind of table food such as a nutri-grain bar, fruit, or yogurt. At lunch, you eat all table food and totally feed yourself. At dinner, you have cereal mixed with a fruit and some of what mommy and daddy are eating. In addition, you nurse four or five times a day for fifteen to twenty minutes. Your favorite foods at the time are peas, cheese sandwich, yogurt, graham crackers, nutra-grain bars, muffins, pancakes, and mixed fruit with cherries. You just recently started drinking juice mixed with water and have tried pear and apple prune. You are so good at drinking from a sippy cup. You can also drink from a sippy cup with a straw.

Dislikes: Baby Scout, you dislike having your nose and face wiped still. This makes cleaning you up after you eat fun, because you are a messy eater. You also dislike Macaroni and Cheese - we have tried to give it to you several times. You don't really like your jogging stroller. It sits back too far and the bar is too high for you, so you don't like to ride.

Diaper Size: Scout, you wear a Size 3 diaper.

Clothes Size: Scout, you wear size 9 - 12 months, 6 - 12 month clothes, and 12 month clothes. It depends on the outfit as to what you can fit in still. Your pajamas are all 12 months.

Eye/Hair Color: Scout, your eyes are a beautiful brown. Your hair is dark red and is getting longer each day.

You are eleven months old!
We can't believe you will be one soon!
You are a precious girl!
We love you!

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