Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Past Few Days

The Wiggs's Family has been taking it easy for the last few days. Scout has had a runny nose and been feeling a little yucky, so we have been just hanging out at home for the most part. Tomorrow, we will be heading bright and early to see Dr. Mangru for our 6 month check up. I can't wait to see how much Scout weighs and how long she is. I am not looking forward to her shots. Until I have an update from our doctor's visit, here are few pictures from what we have been up to the beginning of December.

December 1 - Nathan and Tara came over to play. Instruments were a baby favorite that day! Look at the little band member enjoying the egg shaker, rainmaker and tambourine.

December 2 - Since the day after Thanksgiving, Scout has had the pleasure of being read the Christmas story, The Elf on the Shelf. The story tells that each night the elf flies to the North Pole and tells Santa if Scout has been naughty or nice. Each morning, he is in a new place in the house to watch again.

December 3 - We began our day by heading over to MOPS for a playdate. I didn't get any pictures, but the theme was "Birthday Party for Jesus". The little ones played in the gym and watch A Charlie Brown Christmas while enjoying pizza. After MOPS, we went to visit Papaw. I totally think this was the highlight of his week. He really didn't want us to leave. When we got home, I took Scout out to swing for a few minutes, but it was sooooo cold. She probably would have stayed in the swing forever. She loves it! For dinner, we went to a fantastic Bar-B-Que restaurant on the square with some of Daniel's family. Going out to eat with them has sort of become a weekly event that I really look forward to each week. We always have such a great time.

December 4 - Uncle Avery and soon-to-be Aunt Amanda opened up their new house for a housewarming party. Scout enjoyed visiting with everyone. I enjoyed the yummy food and punch. We finished up the afternoon with a great BINGO game. Unfortunately, I didn't win and neither did Daniel.

December 5 - Do you see the snow in this picture (HA)? Yes, it is there. We bundled Scout up to take her out in her first snow. It was really flurring, but you just can't tell. The weathermen are calling for a little more snow this weekend.

December 7 - Scout officially outgrew her Rock-n-Play today. I put her in it to watch a little TV for a minute, and this is what happened!!!!! She set straight up. Thank goodness for the little buckle!

December 8 - Today, we ventured over to Tara and Nathan's house to have lunch and play. Nathan took a nap so the girls could have a little play time by theirselves. They enjoyed chewing on their toys.

Hopefully, I will have an update on Scout tomorrow and on December 13th I plan to link up with The Nester for the Christmas Tour of Homes. Stop back by and check it out if you like!

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