Friday, January 14, 2011

Christmas Eve

O.K. . . . . . . .I am really slow at getting up our posts about the holiday season! But, finally, here is what we did on Christmas Eve.

Both of our families came to our house on Christmas Eve. We had a small houseful of 13 people. Everyone brought finger foods to eat. After eating, we let Scout open her presents. This took forever because she would open a couple and then take a break. Makayla helped her open most of them. Here are a few pictures from our evening.

Do you notice the wrapping on this package? Makayla figured out that it is easier to use a stapler instead of tape to shut you packages. And no use wasting those scraps of wrapping paper anymore! As you might have guessed, there is a story behind this fabulous redneck wrapping job. Maybe I will write about it another day.

Me, Makayla and Scout opening a present from Nana - A fun Melissa and Doug Nativity.
Makayla and Scout opening another present. This went on for a long time.
Scout sort of opening a present by herself - her cookie jar. My plan next year is to encourage everyone to take things out of the packaging before wrapping, because I think Scout will want to play with them immediately. Don't you think that is a great idea?
Scout sitting in her Pink Dinosaur Ball Pit. Scout opened most of her presents from Janny and Granpappy at their house on Christmas Eve Eve, but we saved this one for our house on Christmas Eve. I love this picture of us.
Here are Daddy and Scout baking cookies for Santa. Santa seemed to enjoy the Wal-Mart Chocolate Chip Cookies just fine, and I think Scout had fun helping lay them out.
Scout and Daddy read "The Elf on the Shelf" for the last time. I can't wait until next year when Scout will actually understand to look for the elf.
Scout and daddy put the cookies out and then Scout went to bed. Daddy stayed home with Scout so I could go to Christmas Eve Midnight Service.

Hopefully, that covers what happened on Christmas Eve. Coming soon - Christmas Day!

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