Saturday, January 15, 2011

Super Bowl Ready?

Do you know anyone who is ready for the Super Bowl? I know we still have a few more weeks before this glorious event takes place, but I am excited about it already. Perhaps you are enjoying the playoff games; Daniel and I are watching the Packers and the Falcons right this second! The best place to watch the Super Bowl is somewhere that has a gigantic flatscreen T.V.! Did anyone you know get one of those for Christmas this year? If you did, perhaps you might be interested in TV stands for flat screens. Unfortunately, we have a built-in entertainment center that limits the size T.V. we can have in our living room, and we don't really have any other area in our house that needs a T.V. So, no T.V. stand needed here. Even without the big T.V, the Super Bowl should still be fun to watch! Are you ready?

I know these two cuties are ready for the Super Bowl. What about you?

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  1. Scout is such a doll! I can't believe how fast our kiddos are growing. Oh and awhile back you had asked me what kind of sippy cup we use with Manny. He seems to like the Tommee Tippy ones the best. Good luck! :)