Wednesday, October 7, 2009

7 Weeks

So . . . .Here is the first of the weekly updates. It is so hard to believe I am already seven weeks pregnant. Since we have known for about a month, it is so fun to see everyone's faces with they first find out. I have figured out that having a baby makes everybody excited! I also find it interesting that everyone's response is, "I bet Daniel is beside himself!" And yes, he is. I think he has visions of golf, hunting, and basketball with his little son.

My Week 7 Picture

Week 7:

Baby's Nickname - All last week I was calling the baby "Little Bit", but I found out from my niece that she has decided on another nickname. So, from now on this baby will be nicknamed "BabyBoo". I guess she chose that because she got the great news in October. You never know, it might stick! Here is BabyBoo's first picture. Do you see that big white spot? That is BabyBoo!

My IPregnant Application on my IPOD touch gives the following information for 7 Weeks:

*BabyBoo has a relatively distinct head and body

*BabyBoo is in the middle of major organ formation. I bet this is why I feel dizzy all the time

*BabyBoo's heart is now beatly rapidly and now has a distinct blood type

*BabyBoo's facial features are becoming visible (mouth, tongue, eyes)

*BabyBoo has arms and leg but no toes or fingers yet!

*BabyBoo has all major muscles developed (Time to start lifting weights)

Baby at 7 Weeks

Now, I have a challenge for all the mom's out there! I would like to know the one thing that was most helpful to you as a mommy. So, if you have time and want to, feel free to leave me a comment.

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  1. Hi, Holly! Thanks for the update! Ill probably have a few all along the way, but in my opinion, a BOPPY is A MUST. Also. sleep all you can NOW. (I thought everyone just meant this for when you're up every 2-4 hours. no really FOREVER. I'm happy to share that once I became a MOM my brain never stopped on Wil. so once again SLEEP!:)