Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wearin' Me Out!

Okay . . . . being pregnant is wearin' me out! This is such a fun and busy time of year, just let me tell you a little of what BabyBoo, Daniel and I have been doing.

Saturday Morning -

Saturday morning, my gym had two special guests as teachers for the Body Pump Class. Mass Appeal alumni Wendy and Missy came to help Janet teach. It was a full class with lots of energy and enthusiasm. I really enjoyed meeting Missy and having Wendy to teach again. It was also the first time I had lifted weights since I found out I was pregnant, so you better believe I was sooooooo sore. This was the first in the series of "Wearin' Me Out" events of the weekend.

Saturday Afternoon -

Saturday afternoon, my friend Andrea, her daughter Hazel, her son Payton, and I loaded up to head to White County to watch the South Trojans play football for the CTC championship. Her husband Kermit is the head coach and my Daniel is the assistant. If you don't know, White County is about an hour and a half from where we live. Andrea was so kind to drive us. Unfortunately, for the Trojans, we lost. But, it was a good game and the team worked very hard. This is just event two in the "Wearin Me Out" weekend.

Here is the final scoreboard (18-6)

Saturday Night -

Saturday night, Andrea and Kermit were so kind to invite us to their house to eat pizza and celebrate the end of a great football season. I was sooooo tired but had a really great time and enjoyed the yummy pizza. By the time we left, "Wearin' Me Out" did not even come close to explaining how I felt.

Sunday Morning -

Sunday morning, Daniel and I got up and went to church and Sunday School. We recently joined a Sunday school class and are loving it. We have a fabulous teacher who is super dynamic and interesting. This week, we begin a new study that will review the "childhood" stories we learned in Sunday School as a kid and look at them through an adult's eyes. This week we began with The Creation Story. We are going to continue this discussion next week.

Sunday Afternoon -

I took a nap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday -

After a normal, sleepy Monday at school, I was excited to be heading out to Bon Temps with my wonderful friend Jodi. The October meeting is one of my favorites because it is our Make It, Take It. This is where we auction off different items to raise money for different things we support (This year we bought tennis shoes for needy children.) Although my friend Ashley did a wonderful job as the auctioneer, I didn't walk away with any gifts. But, I still had fun. The lady who hosted has beautiful home and had it decorated for Fall (Wish I had pictures). All the snacks were so delicious, and I drank enough spice tea to make someone sick. It was sooooo yummy. Another "Wearin' Me Out" Event.

Tuesday -

After school Tuesday, I was so exhausted that I took a nice long nap. My precious Mother-in-Law made me tator tots and a grilled cheese. It hit the spot.

After all that, here we are at today. Today is the start of my 8th Week. So, here is the Week 8 Update.

Week 8 Picture

Week 8 -

According to IPregnancy, here are some fun facts about the 8th week of development.

*Babyboo's head is large compared to the rest of it's body

*Babyboo is still in the middle of major organ formation

*Babyboo's arms and legs are still forming and he/she should be beginning to have webbed fingers and toes

*This is the week that BabyBoo's develops his male or female parts. Unfortunately, we will not be able to see this for another couple of months on the ultrasound.

*BabyBoo has ears and a nose

*BabyBoo is growing about one millimeter a day

*BabyBoo is about the size of a raspberry, Can you imagine?

I hope I am the only one who is feeling like life is "Wearin' Me Out". Fall is such a busy and fun time. I hope you are enjoying all it brings to you and your families.

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