Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Week 10 Update

This morning I was greeted with a wonderful surprise from our fabulous secretary. Take a look!

This is our little baby boy or baby girl in her Clark Memorial purple. What a sweet idea is that?

You must know that a couple of weeks ago, I was greeted with this surprise.

Aren't these sooooo cute? I can't wait to see who ate the right cookie (Daniel ate the pink and I ate the blue)!

Now for the Week 10 Fun Stuff

*BabyBoo is still curled up like a shrimp

*By the end of the week, BabyBoo's organs will have completely formed but will continue to grow

*BabyBoo is now less susceptible to external toxins

*The head and facial features are now more defined

*BabyBoo has 20 baby teeth forming under his or her gums

*BabyBoo's eyelids are fusing together and will not open again until week 26 to 28

*The placenta is now responsible for oxygenating blood and delivering it to BabyBoo

*BabyBoo is nearly an inch and a half long and the size of a prune

Week 10 Picture

Hope you have a great Thursday . . . . . I am heading to Nashville tomorrow after school with my "Play Friends" to see Melissa Gilbert in Little House on the Prairie: The Musical. It should be fantastic; I hope I can stay awake!

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