Saturday, January 9, 2010

Design Dazzle and Name

As I lay here on the couch this Saturday, I am starting to ponder if it might be a good time to start deciding which bedding I would like to go with for Baby Girl's nursery. I realize that I have so much to get done in the next 20 weeks, and this decision will likely be the start of a long list of things that need to be accomplished. Right now on the blog survey, Harlow has about a 10 vote lead, and I am great with that choice. I like them all of course.

While pondering all the things I should be doing, I came upon an adorable blog Design Dazzle. While visiting this blog, I noticed she is having a give-a-way for a great diaper. One way to get an entry is to blog about the site, so here I am.

The first thing I noticed was the sidebar choice that said "Baby Nursery". As I clicked on this and looked at all the great nursery pictures, I thought to myself, I would love to find one that gives me a little inspiration to start looking for accessories for Baby Girl's nursery. Another thing I noticed was that in one post she gives suggestions on what to do with a slanted wall. Well, that is great, because Baby Girl's nursery has a slanted wall, and I have been trying to think of something interesting to do with that weird space. A slanted wall also poses another problem . . . Furniture placement. I am hoping maybe I can find a suggestion or pictures to help me with that one too.

Another section I thought was really interesting was the Kid's Parties section. Now, I know I have a long time before I need to start thinking about that, but she has some great party ideas. The current post has pictures of a James Bond Spy Party. It looks like each kid dressed in a trench coat and was provided spy glasses as a favor. Chalk footprints set the scene and enlarged fingerprints were hung from the ceiling. Two other neat things were the water bottles labeled with "Secret Agent _____" for keeping drinks straight and a game using red string as a laser field.

Hopefully, you might like to hop on over to Design Dazzle and take a look. You might find something that interest you. And hopefully . . . . . . I will be the lucky winner of this . . . . . . a BabyStar Rock the Tote Diaper Bag!

Lastly, I will tell you that a name for Baby Girl is in the works. I will give you some hints and will post when all is final. The first name is a classic name that is often used for a middle name. It starts with a vowel. The middle name is an unusual name from a classic piece of literature. I think I read the book in 1oth grade. The title of this book has four words. I know all school teachers will cringe when I say this, but we are planning to call her by her middle name. So, I know it is not much to go on, but maybe you can have fun guessing. If you don't already know, leave me a comment with your guess. I would love to see if anybody gets close.

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