Monday, October 25, 2010


This past weekend, we took a little trip to Charleston, SC. One of the boys that Daniel coached plays football for the Citadel, and we wanted to support him by attending one of his college football games. He is a freshman but gets some playing time. His parents are also dear friends of ours, and we enjoyed spending time with them and their sweet daughter and granddaughter. Here are several pictures from our trip. Enjoy!

On the beautiful Citadel campus, the buildings are so unique. The students were all dressed alike and walk like soldiers. We got a kick out of watching them walk to class, because they have to walk so many steps per minute.

This building is in downtown Charleston. It is called the slave market. There were many people in the market making baskets. I wish I would have gotten one, because they were beautiful. There were many other booths as well.
It was recommended to us that we take a carriage ride through the city, so we did. Scout was fantastic the whole time. I was so proud. Here we are on the carriage. Each carriage had a tour guide that told different things about the city as you rode. It was very interesting.

We saw many houses on our tour. Most of them had this layout. Did you notice the porch on the side? All the houses had this because this type porch could cool the entire house before Central Heat and Air. The breeze would come off the rivers (Charleston is on a peninsula.)
This is Clint Eastwood's daughter's house. She is married to a doctor in Charleston. Neat, huh?
After exploring downtown, we took Scout to the beach for the first time. Here she is with Journee strolling down the beach.

I thought this was an amazing picture. I am really not a beach person, but I think this could be a place of relaxation for me.

Our first beach picture as a family. Daniel's brother is getting married at the beach next July, so hopefully we can get some better beach pics then. It was cold and windy at this beach.

Scout's first time in the ocean. She loved the sand and the cold water on her toes. She laughed when we let her touch it. Maybe she will be a beach person.
On Saturday, we loaded up and headed to the game. Before the game, all the students march into the stadium in a parade.
Here is part of the stadium. It is as beautiful and unique as the campus.
Mommy and Scout at the game. She was perfect. Notice her little Citadel shirt. We had to get a 2T because there wasn't any other cute baby clothing in the bookstore. Hopefully, she will get to wear it to a game next year. There were many other things we wanted to do in Charleston but didn't have time, so we plan to try to attend a game next year too!

Some football pictures - Terrance is # 25. The Citadel lost 20 - 0. They turned the ball over ten times. I think we were bad luck.
Journee and Scout got to see the bulldog. Of course, I didn't get a cute pic of them together. This one of Scout and bulldog is pretty cute.
This bulldog is outside the stadium. I love this picture because both girls are sort of looking at me. All weekend long, we tried to get pics of both girls looking, and it hardly ever happened. One would look, the other would turn and vice versa.
Daniel and Terrance together after the game. We are very proud of this young man. Attending the Citadel is very tough (lots of rules). He is doing a good job.
Our family with Terrance after the game. We were so glad it worked out that we could attend. We had a little vacation and enjoyed supporting our hometown athlete.

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