Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Swing Set

Do you see this little cutie?

I put her in the floor today right in the middle of her Dora mat,
and she managed to scoot herself back this far!

But then she decided it was not far enough, so she kept scooting backwards,
and this is where she ended up!

I guess she thought that if she could scoot that far she might as well scoot to the chair,
and she did! There is no telling what she picked up off that floor. Yuck!

So, I think she will need something to entertain her a little more in the near future.
I was thinking of talking to Santa to see if his elves could make one of these for Scout for Christmas.But then I came across this and thought it looked really fun!

So, does anyone out there in Blogland have either of the two little swing sets? I would love to see what you think. I have read reviews of both, and they each seem to have pros and cons. Maybe I will leave it up to Santa!

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