Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Advice and Week 18 Update

For the first few weeks we took belly pics, I made Daniel take them in the exact same place each week. Since we have had our Christmas decorations up, we have taken the pictures in front of them. Hmmmmm . . . . I bet you are wondering why we chose the stairs this week. Well, let me give you some fantastic advice - If you have stairs in your house, do not wear socks while trying to walk down them. Yes friends, I know this from personal experience. Last night, I spent three hours in the emergency room all because of these beautiful stairs, and the bruises on my arms and behind are the proof. For an non-pregnant person, this probably would not have been a big deal. I decided I should go have everything checked out just to make sure there were not any problems, and everything checked out great. So . . . . I suggest if you need a roller coaster ride, you check out Disney World or Six Flags. The stairs just aren't the same!

Week 18 Belly Pic

Here is what BabyBoo is up to now . . .
*BabyBoo weighed exactly 9 oz today at his or her ultrasound.

*BabyBoo's length is about 5.6 in.
*BabyBoo is the size of a mango
*BabyBoo's organs are continuing to develop and all or his or her pictures and measurements looked fantastic today.

*BabyBoo's bones are beginning to become more calcified. On the ultrasound, we could see the bones in BabyBoo's arms and legs.

*BabyBoo's spinal cord is being wrapped with myelin. We got a great view of the spinal cord today and the ultrasound tech said it looked perfect.
*BabyBoo has more reflexive movements now such as blinking and mouth movement. Several times during the ultrasound, he or she had his or her mouth open.

*BabyBoo's eyes are now sensitive to light, and he or she will change position to avoid bright light.

BabyBoo had his or her 18 week Ultrasound today and was very cooperative. The ultrasound tech said she got a good read on the sex of the baby. We happily delivered the envelopes with the baby's sex to our Baby Reveal Helpers. Ms. Donna is making a cake with pink or blue icing in the middle for Christmas Eve dinner when our both our families will be coming to our house to eat. Jodi is filling a big bottle with pink and blue mints. We will all be very excited tomorrow night at Christmas Eve dinner when we cut the cake to find out the sex.

So . . . . . .if you are interested, check back tomorrow night!!!!!! I think by 8:00 or so, the results should be up. And, if you have not voted yet, tomorrow is your last chance.

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