Thursday, December 31, 2009

19 Weeks Update (A Day Late)

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I am so excited for what God has in store for our family this year! I know it will be one of the best ever. I am also praying for what God has in store for your family. I know each one of you will be blessed in many ways.

Week 19 Belly Pic

Ok . . . .let me explain my attire in this picture. Did you know they make maternity work-out clothes? Well yes, they do! Now, as you can see they are not flattering (I don't think any maternity clothes are flattering), but I guess they serve a purpose. Yesterday, I went to the gym at 8:15 for an hour in my maternity gym clothes. After that, I went over to South to watch Daniel coach basketball in the annual Christmas Classic tournament (Yes, I put on a sweatshirt). The first game was at 11:00, so I didn't see any purpose in coming all the way home before going to the game. Luckily, they won and kept winning all day. At 7:45 last night, they played in the championship. They played hard but came up a little short. Yes, we were there all day and when we got home, I remembered it was Wednesday (Belly Pic Day). So, I had Daniel take my picture; Ugly gym clothes and all! Maybe next week when we are back in school, the attire will be one of my new, cute maternity dresses.

Here are some details about BabyBoo at 19 Weeks:
*BabyBoo is about 6 inches and over 9 oz
*BabyBoo is about the size of a Mango
*BabyBoo is practicing her breathing
*BabyBoo drinks and swallows amniotic fluid on a regular basis
*BabyBoo is covered in many areas with lanugo
*Vernix , a jelly-like substance, is now beginning to cover the skin
*BabyBoo's teeth are established beneath the gums and permanent teeth are forming behind them
*BabyBoo's arm and legs are finally in proportion
*BabyBoo's neurons are now connected between the brain and muscles
*BabyBoo's cartilage is turning to bone
*This is the last week baby for BabyBoo to be measured crown to rump

I thought I would leave with a fun picture from Christmas Eve. My sweet niece Makayla picked out this Pooh Bear pacifer holder for BabyBoo. I just love it, and I know that she will too!

Again, don't forget to vote for bedding! I love seeing what everyone is voting for and can't wait to make a decision in the next few weeks!

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