Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Week 15 Update

Is BabyBoo a boy or a girl? Don't forget to vote!!!!! All you do is click on the drop down arrow and choose boy or girl and click VOTE. To see the results, click Survey Results under the box. Right now, girl is in the lead!

Now, on to the other stuff. Here we are at Week 15 . . . . this will be a short and sweet post as I don't have anything else exciting to talk about this week.

Week 15 Belly Pic

Week 15 Information

*BabyBoo should be about 4 inches long and should weigh about 2.4 oz

*BabyBoo is about the size of a large naval orange

*This week, BabyBoo's body is still growing faster than its head, and his or her head are finally becoming longer than his or her arms

*BabyBoo's heart is able to pump 25 quarts of blood a day

*BabyBoo is beginning to form lanugo, a fine hair, on many areas of his or her skin

*BabyBoo's eyebrows are forming and hair patterns are being established

*BabyBoo has developed some control of his or her face and has some facial expression including smiles and frowns

*Some studies show that handedness has already been established

This weekend, Michelle, Jodi and I are off to Memphis to run for Jackson. Wish us luck! I will be letting you all know how it goes!

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