Thursday, December 10, 2009

Week 16 Update (A Day Late)

Since I am feeling a little yucky today, this will be a quick update and then I am heading to bed. I have a big day tomorrow. All I can say is "The Granny Awards". This is the name of our school's teacher play this year, and it is tomorrow. TOMORROW! I feel a little nervous because I missed our final dress rehearsal this afternoon. What parts do I play? . . . . . so glad you asked! I will be playing the part of Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk and Jack from Jack and Jill. I volunteered to take the boy parts since I have short hair. When I signed up, I didn't realize Jack would be 4 months pregnant! This makes me giggle!

Week 16 Picture

What is Babyboo up to now?

*BabyBoo is about 4.6 inches long and weighs about 3.4 oz

*BabyBoo's legs are now longer than his or her arms
*BabyBoo's brachioles are forming in its lungs

*BabyBoo is making more and more amniotic fluid by emptying his or her bladder every 40-45 minutes
*BabyBoo is developing sleep and wake cycles which are very short at this time
*BabyBoo's reflexive movements are increasingly developed and improved muscle control allows BabyBoo to grasp things with its hands

*BabyBoo's movement might cause me to feel butterflies in my stomach

*BabyBoo's tiny bones in his or her ears are in place this week, making it likely that he or she can hear voices when people are speaking (Daniel likes to sing Christmas Carols to Boo!)
*BabyBoo has eyebrows and eyelashes

*BabyBoo can hiccup now
*BabyBoo is the size of a turnip

Don't forget to keep praying for this little guy . . . .
It looks like he will be released from St. Jude soon. But, he will be staying at the Ronald McDonald House so he can go to St. Jude for daily check-ups!

Have a wonderful Friday!

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