Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Great Date Experiment - Date Two

Recently, I blogged about something interesting a church in Arkansas was doing with their young, couples ministry called the The Great Date Experiment. After reading a little bit about it and watching the short video, I decided that maybe Daniel and I could give it a try as well. The first date was scheduled for Valentine's Day, and Daniel and I had a fun date that night. You can read about it here if you like: Great Date #1. And this past Friday, Daniel and I had our second date. Read on if you would like to hear about what we had to do.

The first part of our date consisted of deciding on a place to have an appetizer. Since I was sort of craving a little Italian food, we decided to go to a local restaurant located on our town's square. I must say it was a much nicer choice for dinner than we had on our first date (We went to McDonalds, Ha!). While we waited for our yummy ravioli, we had to discuss questions such as what was the best vacation we had ever been on and if we could live in a different city, where we would we live.

The next part of our date was supposed to be deciding on a place to eat an entree. We decided just to have our whole meal at the Italian restaurant because that was what I was craving. While heading to the new place, each couple was supposed to take their picture together with their camera phone (We did camera and camera phone). We, of course, did not do this in the restaurant, we waited until we got to the car. And now, we both have a fun picture of us together for our screen savers on our phone. Isn't that sweet?

During dinner, we had a few would you rather type questions and then we had to discuss which of the Five Languages of Love were most important to both of us. Apparently, the choices were from Gary Chapman's book, The Five Love Languages. Has anyone out there in blogland read that book?

After Dinner

After dinner, our task was to head to a store and choose a $2.00 gift for your spouse. You were only supposed to have ten minutes but due to the long lines at Wal-Mart (who knew everybody in America shopped on Friday night), we probably took closer to thirty minutes. Oh well, we tried. Here were the two gifts.

Daniel was so thoughtful with his choice, a sweet blanket for Baby Scout!

I got Daniel a calculator, because he had been complaining all night about have to teach surface area to sixth graders. I thought maybe a calculator might make it easier.

Next, it was time to head for dessert. We decided Sonic always makes a great choice. While we were enjoying our Jr. Candy Sundaes, we had a few fill-in-blank questions to discuss. For example, One of the nicest things you have ever done is ___________________. Try that one on your spouse, you might be surprised about what he or she says.

The last part of our date was to take place in the driveway at your house. Each couple had to turn on the music in their car, roll the windows down, and dance. So, we turned the Sirius to 90's on 9 and went to town. Sounds like fun, doesn't it? Well, it was! I have video to prove it, but Baby Scout might be embarrassed if I share.

If you think this date sounds like great, it is not too late to get in on the fun. The third date is coming up soon. Just click on the link The Great Date Experiment to try it out!

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