Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Little Project

For the last couple of days, I have been searching online for a wreath to go on Baby Scout's door at the hospital when she arrives. Unfortunately, I waited a little to late to order anything off the internet, so I had to either buy something local or make something. While searching, I came across this wreath project at Cutzie Creations. So, today I decided to give this little project a good try.

First, I went to Hammers and got all my supplies. I got three yards of fabric (you actually only need half of that), about 12 yards of ribbon (I also picked up a few spools from the Dollar Tree), and a couple of hoops. I had the little pacifiers from Dollar General but didn't use them. All this cost about $30.00, but it will make two wreaths.

Next, I cut my fabric into long strips and then into about 6 - 7 inch strips. I did the same with the ribbon. It took me about 125 strips to fill the wreath.

Next, I knotted each piece around the hoop. This took forever. I tried to vary between ribbon and fabric. I didn't use any kind of pattern.

Last, I made a bow and added it to the wreath for the finished product! I think it will be perfect for Baby Scout's hospital door and room at home.

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