Monday, April 12, 2010

Baby Shower #2

The Saturday before last, three wonderful members of Daniel's family hosted my second baby shower! Again, this baby shower was better than Christmas! I feel so blessed that so many people care about Baby Scout, Daniel and me.

Just like my last shower, the first item on the party agenda was enjoying some yummy treats. All the party guests enjoyed fruit, vegetables, chicken salad, and other tasty treats! It was all so yummy. My favorite dessert was strawberry brownie (made especially for this shower), but I also loved the yummy cake with Scout's initials.

We spent the next few minutes playing some fun shower games. The first one was Baby Bingo. It was so cute with all the fun pictures of things baby might do or need. Next, we did a word unscramble of baby things, and I was not so good at this one. Of course, the person who got the most was a momma. The last game was the diaper memory game. There were 12 diapers with pictures inside, and you had to remember what the pictures were on each one. With my pregnancy brain, I failed at this challenge.

Lastly, I opened all the sweet gifts for Baby Scout. We were so blessed to receive some of the bigger items we had asked for on our registry. One really fun thing we got was a jungle exersaucer. This one was kind of special, because it was the exersaucer Daniel picked. I have to admit it looks really fun. I think Baby Scout will love it.

Another item that Daniel was very fond of was this UNC onesie with matching socks. Most of you know that Daniel is a big Univeristy of North Carolina basketball fan! Thanks to Uncle Avery and his fiancee Amanda for this cute outfit. I am afraid if it would fit Baby Scout now, we would have to bring her home from the hospital in it. Luckily, it is six months, so it should fit right in time for basketball season! Of course, I loved all of the other wonderful things we received too!

I felt so blessed by everyone. I can not say enough thanks for all the gracious aunts, cousins, and other relatives who attended. Baby Scout is going to be one spoiled girl.

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